Mega Triceratops

Oct 29, 2013

Sweet mother. I left my triceps on day #1. Holy burning. The plus side is that the second time doing hardcore today was less "holy cow" and more, "ok I got this - holy cow". Baby steps.

Let's rewind for a moment.

Day 2/108 (October 28, 2013)


Prepare to move, sweat, and get your blood pumping throughout your entire body. Professional athletes have said they’ve never sweated so much as during this exhilarating class. Use the power of your breath, lungs, and heart to fuel you through with integrity. This practice will help you create a stronger heart, gain a better night’s sleep, and discover higher energy levels.

Cardio was INTENSE. I was sweating like a man, panting like i was in labor, and falling all over my feet. Grace in my middle name. 

I also ran 2.1 miles in the park. Walked in the door to an empty house.  So I did what any red blooded American would do. Changed clothes like the quickness and bolted out the door for a run before the sunset.  Alone. It was heaven. Bonus, all my house mates were alive and well.

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Day 3/108 (October 29, 2013)


You are going to build strength, using the natural weight of your body. Doing so ensures that it is proportionate to you. Develop mental power, physical force while strengthening every muscle fiber your body owns. A muscle will only strengthen when it is worked beyond its normal capacity, so be ready to push your body to the limits.

Could it be I'm starting to get the hang of this? No. But, strength was a breath of fresh air. Challenging, constant flow, and some neat new poses. This class was over an hour and I didn't even freak out. Whoa, who am I? I'm usually watching the clock like a hawk.  Somebody is evolving. (hint: it's me). Thankfully I also got in a (3.2 mile) fartlek workout on the treadmill that almost made me barf up my lunch. Twice. And walked the hounds 4 miles. Then did Hardcore. Boom.  I ruled day 3. I can't feel my arms, but whatever. 

Oh, and because I'm a glutton love a challenge, I signed up for Pile on the Miles Challenge. So in addition to the yoga challenge, I'm commiting to running 100 miles in the month of November. Sleep?  Who needs it.

Run 100 miles = 3.33 miles per day (average)

Lastly, the winner of the Hot Chocoloate 15k/5k giveway is Tori! 
(I sent you an email)

Have you ever used the random number generator (more info, here)? It's super easy, and I like the fact it takes out all the guess work.  Cuz my first idea was to write each name on a slip of paper, put them in a bowl, and draw a name.  Yep, I'm 99 years old.  And it's the tech age. 

Well, its far past my bedtime and this sweaty betty still needs to shower off all the workout awesome that was day 3.  

Bring it day 4. 

Sweet dreams all, 
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  1. Wow!!!! Nice workout idea dear.... If you wish to drop weight, try cutting sugar from your diet. Sugar includes a lot of unnecessary calories to your diet.

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  2. Hahaha SNAP on the burning triceps. I've resurrected my meta goal (in a better headspace this time around - not going to go all crazy all or nothing on it) and day 3 my triceps are KILLING me.

    1. I'm SO glad you are back blogging - we def need to catch up properly very soon :)

    2. So glad you never stopped for um.... over a year. :0)


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