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Oct 16, 2013

First things first, Kyra is holding a Stella & Dot Trunk Show benefiting Baby Jase - more info here (I snatched up this) If you could keep this cute lil guy and his family in your prayers, I'm sure it's much appreciated. 


So - I had this genius idea to juice cleanse this summer in the middle of moving. "Marcia, that's a fantastic idea!", said no one, ever. Recaps by day, here - 123456. What one realized, months later, is that I never debriefed about the whole process.  So, here we are. Don't lose one more nights sleep. I'm here - with my fruit fly memory, so hang on tight...

-- Equipment --

Couldn't find a picture of my juicer, so I'll replace it with my juicer crush. Next time you're at Nadoz Cafe in Brentwood, tell him I miss him. Too bad industrial juicers are a kabillion dollars:

  1. there's no price online = out of my budget. I'll just keep showing up and guzzling all ur green apple juice ;)

If anyone is willing to help me break in late one night and set this guy free (to my kitchen), I'm make you fresh juice, for life. Think about it. 

Back to the facts: I have a Cuisinart (don't forget to use their perpetual 20% coupon)  that does the job nicely, is relatively easy to clean, and easy to assemble/disassemble. 

Tip: If you don't have time (or are too lazy), soak the parts after you juice in hot soapy water. Don't toss them in the sink/dishwasher/leave totally assembled.  You'll come home to a family reunion of fruit flies, and a mess to clean up. Not that I know about that or anything...

Vitamix Blender. I shout my LOVE for this guy from the rooftops. And send it flowers so it knows I care. 

Tip: A "certified reconditioned" model is a fraction of the price, with the same warranty.  You can put my thank you gift in the mail.  

Magic Bullet. Lazy ladies delight. Great song Marcia, hum a few bars...

Pack It. To keep all my fresh squeezed juice cold (without a fridge or ice). And be a cool kid, cuz all the cool kids have neat lunch boxes. Fact.

Bottles. Used Suja juice bottles are the perfect size. And I feel like I'm really getting my money's worth since those suckers are almost $10 a pop. 

-- Supplies --

I hit up my local grocers (Schnucks, Dierbergs, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods) for hard to find items, and get everything else, in bulk, from Sams. Usually the week/few days before the cleanse begins I make a grocery list and start stock piling produce like the raptures coming. 

Tip: Shop early. The last thing you want to do is spend $8 for a lemonade kit when all you want is the sprig of mint and the store is "fresh out". Just sayin'.

-- Tips --

1.) Take before and after photos. Even if you would never share them with any one, it's neat to look at your progress. And a reminder what your body would look like if cheeseburgers and hard cider were banned from the world. But I'm a slacker and didn't practice what I preached (this time), so I have no memories. Sad day. 

2.) If you have to eat with others, be sure to bring reinforcements (your juice, hot tea, giant pitchers of water). And warn them ahead of time. Or skip outings while cleansing. You know, for public safety purposes. I've gone ape sh$t and started sobbing on more than one occasion while cleansing (I get hangry folks). With regards to cooking, the first cleanse I found preparing food for others difficult and it was awful. These days I don't bat an eye. Till someone pulls out the ice cream and takes it to the face. Those be fighting words my friend...

3.) TMI alert: "Movement". The first few days I always get scared I'm going to die cuz my systems aren't moving, but rest assured, by day 3 life goes back to "normal". 

4.) This go round I lost 6.2 lbs.  I always feel amaze after a cleanse, be it three days or six. 

5.) See how you feel with regards to yo fitness. This time I was straight beast mode, at the time I was doing a speed work series with my local running store and felt like I could run, fast, all day. But I didn't, cuz speed work ain't no joke. In other words, my energy didn't waver and I did all the things I usually did. But I only play a doctor in my imagination so talk to your doctor and listen to your own body. I'm debating a cleanse each season...


Then, I went all Pescetarian/Vegetarian.  

Fish? Seriously?

Experimental recipe testing and meat alternative tasting went into full effect. 

16 Ways Foodies Drive You Crazy

It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

"Meh" in my books, thoughts, here



How gorgeous are these guys? #foodporn

Fantastic. And it just needs to be heated, which takes about 2 minutes. 

I put it on everything. Cauliflower Pizza for the win

I got a special delivery in the mail

A case of Corn Thins. Be still my beating, carb loving heart.  Owned and operated by an Australia family, these popped grain breads were part of our post race awesome at HH this year. Liked them so much I stalked them and begged them to be my friends.

Then added them to every dish I ate - Taco Salad obsession begins, now

Just in case you don't believe how awesomely good, and with good, REAL ingredients, they are:

Average Quantity
per Serving
Average Quantity
per 100g
ENERGY192kJ (46Cal)1599kJ (382Cal)
– SUGARS0.05g0.4g
– SATURATED0.06g0.5g

Boom. Told ya. 46 calories for two?!? Sign. Me. Up.

M got into the box and proceeded to eat the entire sleeve of Cheese Thins. When told he'd have to provide a review for them, he muttered, mouth full, "they're good", "have you tried the plain ones with peanut butter?!". Man of few words folks. 

(via Instagram)

We liked them so much Miles photo bomb mean mugged me every time I opened a bag. 

Thankfully Dierberg's carries them (in the health food aisle), otherwise we were moving to Australia. 

(via Instagram)

Meh, but homegirl is mad creative in the kitchen. I think I used too much Coconut Flour so the texture was off. Fail. 

Steamed Broccoli + Orange Chicken + Zucchini Souffle

Orange chicken ROCKS. Can't remember the name, its in the (Whole Foods) freezer section. Souffle was just ok. 

Satisfied my bacon craving.  Nothing to write home about though

Roasted Cauliflower + Palak Paneer

My fave paneer is from Trader Joe's in the freezer section.

Italian Sausage-less Sausage
Italian Sausage. Better than the meat version. Bible. Browned in a skillet. Lil char, lil crunch. Mercy.

Proof? I ate it with everything. 

Roasted Cauliflower + Cheese + Italian Sausage

Pizza Time for me. Sandwich Thin + Pesto + Buffalo Mozzarella + Italian Sausage 

Broil till bubbly. Take plate to face. Repeat.

SO darn good I ate the one I made for M. And added a lil Sriracha for kicks.

Veg Plate. With Roasted Jicama Chips.

Jicama Nacho goodness

Taste even better the next day for lunch with my fave Spicy Hummus

Outside my kitchen didn't pose a problem being a veg head either, this race had veg snack boxes. Score.

(via Instagram)

At work meals I loaded up on all the non-meat options, and brought my own food/snacks just in case too.

(via Instagram)

This place had a fantastic "veggie" burger. Get it with their cajun fries, or we are no longer friends. It should also be mentioned I had a legit veggie burger while in Chicago for this race.

However, this beauty was heaven. Zucchini Noodles (made with a veggie peeler), homemade pesto, fresh grated parm, and cheesy garlic bread was insane-in-the-membrane good.

Raosted Broccoli with Cheddar + Homemade Tomato Bruscheta + Crab Stuffed Fish 

Dreams were made with these meals folks. Fish is crab stuffed flounder from Trader Joe's. In the freezer section. 

Not every meal was a winner - this burrito was lacking in SO many ways. And was overpriced too.

Going vegetarian isn't awful as it is portrayed.  I never went hungry, got bored, went without my daily nutrients, or had to default to eating PB&J. In fact, it was harder to re-incorporate meat after having all this incredible"meat" I'd found and become obsessed with.  

Shan was right, "Meat, who?"

** Corn Thin provided me with the product above to test out, and review on my blog.  All the opinions, as always, are my own. As are my taste buds.

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  1. I want those pancakes now and so sad I didn't get to see on Sunday. I miss me some Marcia.

    1. But I met your girl Amy and she is sooooooo dang sweet. I loved running with her for a bit.

  2. Ok, I have to try this cauliflower crust pizza! My husband eats paleo so this is totally up his alley. Did you just use that breadsticks recipe you linked to to make your pizza crust or something else?

    Also, after reading one of your previous posts about the Suja drinks I picked up a couple of the Suja elements at whole foods (the Green Machine and the Carrot one) - really good stuff!

  3. Wow!!! Your all diet are seems tasty and most important thing it is healthy.

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