Oct 28, 2013

Happy Monday! 

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It's no secret working out my fitness is - my jam. Even when I was out this summer for my injury-that-would-never-end short hair tried to continue the sweat sessions, cuz we all know if I don't get my fat burn on I gets crazy. Fact.

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So I researched until my little fingers turned blue, stumbling upon The Ultimate Yogi

Yoga DVD set

Low impact enough as not to further aggravate my healing stress fracture and toe, I penned a letter a few months back detailing my injuries, the frustration to stay busy while healing, and finding peace in even the most difficult time - recovery. To my utter shock, the gracious people at UY sent me the entire 108  day yoga challenge. When the box appeared on my door a few days later my first reaction was disbelief - followed by a striking realization. I really have no excuse. No excuse to not workout because I couldn't get a shoe on/the boot was too cumbersome, to not nourish my body via exercise, and best of all, with the coming winter it could all be done from the comforts of my home. 

Created by Travis Eliot, The Ultimate Yogi 108 day challenge contains 14 thematic based practices, a program guide, and a calendar to guide you along the way. Each day you will be assigned a one hour yoga practice, meditation, and on every second day yoga hard core. More on the meaning of 108 days, here.

From there my OCD went into higher gear. When should I begin? found a great tool to calculate the start/finish. Do I run while doing the challenge? continue to run allowing time to build my baseline, and begin training for 2014 slowly, and God willing, injury free. I've got my heart set on a full in 2014. 

I would consider selling my body if it was by the pound.

UY follows a Common Sense lifestyle, encouraging you along the way to explore Raw, Vegan, Juicing (more, here), and removing all processed foodsrefined sugar, flour, preservativesbad fats, alcohol. I've been working with a nutritionist for about a year, so while I may not follow the UY food plan to a "t", it is pretty similar to the meal plan my nutritionist tailored for my body, activity level, and needs. I'm definitely indulging in the three food explorations - I'm an avid juicer and have been looking for a reason to go raw and vegan for a bit.  

After watching the introduction and short film I was ready. Had a big mug of Smooth Move tea the night before to get this journey started on the "right" foot. Woke up, weighed in, took measurements and photos. Granted I was half asleep and they are a bit dark, but it's proof. There is nothing like stepping on the scale and pulling out the old measuring tape to kick start a fire under my feet to get in gear. I'll post my before horror show photos soon.

Day #1 (October 27, 2013) 



Cross Train takes the key components of all forms of fitness and synthesizes them. We have balance, strength, flexibility, stamina, and cardio but we do it the yogic way. With piercing focus and concentration.


Incorporate this routine into your Power Yoga classes three times per week. Increase your repetitions every 36 days and experience incredible results as you build muscle in your upper, lower, and side abdominals. These dynamic exercises touch the entire core and will help you quickly shed inches from your midline. Not only will you develop those desired six pack muscles but you will also develop those all important transverse abdominals for the ultimate yoga hardcore.
I haven't decided on if I'll participate in meditation (I didn't day#1) - stay tuned. 

Cross Training was both soothing and difficult, towards the end I couldn't keep up, and my quads definitely reminded me I don't stretch/foam roll enough. By the time I sat down to do hard core I was a mess. It is aptly named, that's for sure. When I woke up this morning my muscles were screaming, in a good way. But if I see you today don't make me laugh, my abs are sore. 

Day #1, complete.

Have you tried Smooth Move tea? I'm a big fan. 

*I was provided a copy of UY - my journey, thoughts, and experiences, are my own. 

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