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Nov 19, 2013

51 Signs You Are The Greatest Complainer That Ever Lived

As of late, my time management skills have been - lackluster. Mercy.

I did manage to make stuffed peppers for the first time - and knocked it outta the freaking park!

Did I mention they are vegetarian? Yep, I'm a genius. I need to tweak it a bit before I add it to my repertoire, but I was too lazy to grocery shop and could use less cheese/more veggies, but here's what went down:

-- Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers --

Green Bell Pepper - 4
Trader Joe's Soyrizo - 1 package, out of casing
Black Beans (with Jalapeno)- 1 can (Ortega brand), drained
Onion - 1/4 cup
Mushroom - 3 oz.
Garlic (minced) - 1 TSP
Jalapeno Pepper (minced) - 1/3 pepper
Pepper Jack Cheese - 4 slices
Hot Sauce - 1 TSP

Saute EVOO, Onion, Jalapeno peppers, Garlic, and Mushrooms till soft and caramel-y. Add in Soyrizo, Black Beans, and hot sauce. Stir occasionally till warmed through. Slice the top off each pepper and clear out the seeds/membrane. Place peppers in baking dish deep enough so the peppers won't fall over. Fill each pepper with veggie mixture. Fill bottom of the baking pan till just covered with tap water. Heat, covered (with foil) for about 20 minutes at 350. Once peppers are soft, uncover, and place slice of cheese on each pepper and return to oven, uncovered till cheese bubbles.  Cool, and enjoy!

LOVE gifts and mail, equally. I get REALLY excited everyday when the mailman comes and doesn't leave a bill.

Got both, in the form of a Influenster Vox Box. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

I ate the Lindor truffle .1 seconds after I opened the box. Heaven. Decadent, chocolate, heaven. 

Almost didn't know what to do with these guys. 

(via Instagram)

Till the skies opened up and it was time to rock wellies. 

Yes, they are covered in mud from walking the hounds and I failed to wipe them off. Can't win them all. Besides, my tootsies were warm and dry. Boom. Gracias Dr. Scholl's. Note: My feet are not that giant, but the camera angle loves to make me love like a million bucks, no?

Belvita saved my life one morning when I walked straight outta the house with empty hands. Add grapes and hot tea, and short hair had breakfast of champions. Filling, crunchy, yummy. I've never had these guys before cuz I just knew biscuit-cracker deals were not for breakfast. Jokes on me. They are. Touche' Belvita, touche'.

Funny Confession Ecard: Unless you tripped and smacked your face on the treadmill, no one wants to hear about your workout.

-- day 11/108 -- 

Yin Yoga
Hill Repeats

Went to the allergist - I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to every food I like. And had to have all my blood drawn. More on that in another post.

(via Instagram)

-- 11/8/13 --

Rest - had blood work done (see 11/7/13), was feeling woozy like, and had a race the next day. So I got my first red cup of the season (soy hot cocoa, with whip) instead. Lab ettiquette tip: if your are going to drain all my blood, at least give home girl a sucker. Dang.

(via Instagram)

-- day 12/108 --  

Cupcake 5k  - super, duper fun, recap soon!
Walked the hounds 2.20 miles

(Via Instagram)

-- day 13/108 -- 

Vitality (1/2)

As the weather grows colder, my meals have gotten heartier, and movement, less. I need more balance. Thankfully I meal plan and grocery shop consistently, so that's something. Loaned the Runner's World Cookbook from the library - and have been making my way through it ever since. Holy freaking awesome.  Full review post soon.

(Via Instagram)

I said trim. She cut. Oy.

-- day 14/108 --  

Mt. Pose = REST

-- (11/12/13) --

Vitality (remaining 1/2 from day 13)
3 Miles on the treadmill - gosh I needed that run, felt incredible!

Then, my demise. 11/13/13 I have no idea what happened but I did not work out. Unless my jaw chewing food counts. 

11/14/13 I went to Ladies Night (more - oh so much more soon!), and had to make cookies (these - Thanks again Stuft Mama!) for my work Chili cook-off. Saturday was a road trip to a friends baby shower. I packed my gym bag.  It was in my car. But somehow I passed the gym, came home, changed into sweats and ate pizza.  I'm no superhero.

-- day 15/108 --

Woke up and bolted out of the house to run, alone. It was bliss. Got in just before it stormed, though we had to take Ms. Injured list Rubin to the vet cuz she ripped her dew claw. Driving, in a storm, with downed trees and a dog that gets violently car sick, was super relaxing for us both. Said no one, ever.

Cross Train

-- 11/18/13 --

Treadmill date, decent trashy reality TV. Going well till my dang tibia started screaming. But, I'm re-introducing back-to-back runs, so I wasn't too upset. Came home to a fantastic dinner, with wine. I may keep him :) As I type, it is 9:31 10:10p.m. and I've yet to do Yoga. and yet to shower and need to pack my bags for tomorrow. Doesn't look promising. While I'm not happy with allowing life to get in my way and hindering consistent 108 days for the UY challenge, I am concurrently running (training) and I, though I'd tell you different, am not perfect. I'm learning to roll with life's punches. Instead of fight them to the death and still lose.

Cara Box

I participated in the Fall CARA Box swap. What a neat experience. I met and got to know two incredible women - Jami and Melissa.

Melissa sent me a box full of goodies. Jewelry (I barely take the dark ring off), arm coozies and super warm headband to run with, candy for my (serious) sweet tooth, and an adorable flower pin I can add to any outfit.  Thanks Melissa!

I sent a box to Jami. She just completed her run on Les Miserable, started a new career, and whew, I'm exhausted thinking about all that. You go girl! She's also a runner (holla!), and I hope she enjoyed my box. Hop over to her page to see :)

Well, must shower, I'm beginning to smell. Worse. If that's possible.

*I was provided a Rose Vox Box via Influenster. All the opinions, warmth of my toes, and taste bud decisions, are as always, mine.

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  1. Vox Box AND Cara Box in one day. Did you give your mail man a hug? I would have.

  2. LOVE the rainboots! and the new haircut!

  3. I love your posts - they are always so entertaining and I always get ideas about new stuff I want to try! I've been curious about that Runner's World cookbook. Will be interested to see your review. And way to go on the stuffed peppers creation - those look delish!

    1. Thanks, I'm finally getting braver in the kitchen, its been alot of fun experimenting and contray to what I thought prior, most stuff is edible and no one gets ill, lol. Omigosh, I'm on the third recipe and each one gets better!


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