Life As Of Late: According To My iPhone (pt. 8)

Nov 12, 2013

My name is Marcia, and I have OCD. No detail goes untouched. So let's go back in history, shall we?

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Experimented with Plantains.

First, a recipe from Purely Twins

Then, one from Stuft Mama. The loaf was definitely better (a little sweeter), but I also was too lazy to reach "a high shelf" to get the Vitamix the first time. 

Dig that I can gnaw on it during the week - tried it with peanut butter, nutella, and as sandwich bread. All winners. I eat all the bread.

St. Louis Cardinals. LOVE going to baseball games.
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Fortunately my 9-5 has clients in high places so I am the luck duck who gets to be live and in color every season. 

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And the seats? Don't get me started. My own first world problem.

Most times I get to bring a friend. Thankfully, it was the weekend of this race (recap soon), so this gal got to join me.

I take spectator sports very seriously. Yoga pants? A must. 

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It's always a good time hanging with her. 

Got a sample of Coach's Oats. Tried them with this recipe. Not a fan of the recipe, dig the oats. Must find them in STL. Ain't nobody got time to pay for shipping.

Made smores with a Quest bar. So good it should be banned. Have mercy. As you can tell from the picture I was far too anxious to devour these cuz my mallows weren't even fully toasted.

A love note for M. He really is lucky to have me around.  And yes, both our names start with "M", and our friends and family refer to us as "M and M'.  Gag me.

Halloween cookies for the hounds from hell. 

Good thing they are cute

They brought me a "present" inside last week. In the form of dog poop. That they both ate. And tracked in. 

Running Motivation

Coming back after an injury sucks, in case you were wondering and I haven't told you already, twice. Physically I'm in a good place, currently working on a 108 day Yoga challenge (so cross training in covered, lol), could do PT exercises more, but mentally I've been hauling myself into seemingly unmovable mountains. Here's hoping I get my mojo back, I've got two races left in 2013 and would love to cross the finish line spent, and feeling great about the work I put in. 

Speaking of running, November is National Running Safety Month. So be sure to follow the safety kid rules as it begins to get darker sooner, and be constantly aware of your surroundings. Safety, is always first.

Digging more races offer package deals for races (likr RNR). Bonus - these races and the company that puts it on are STL based. GO STL! (see what I did there?)

Food allergies. I've got them (more on that journey, here). Had a wretched allergic reaction a few weeks ago that had me unbearably itchy, uncomfortable, on steroids and cranky. So I bought a pie at Sams's (with ice cream) and proceeded to eat my way happy. It didn't work. And I gained five pounds. Proof - here .

The journey to find the culprit began with a trip to the allergist, and blood work, where they took all my blood. I am empty. And I don't like needles. I told my doctor perhaps I shouldn't eat food - at all. She laughed, till she realized I was serious. And if you had itching like I did, you'd say it too.

Baby sis + our "smother"

My baby sister is a senior in high school. They had senior night awhile back and celebrated each player during half time. I brought a bouquet of flowers, my smother told me that's why she's spoiled. But I swear I got gifts on my senior night?! Did you? Gosh I feel old. 

Dinner with a friend. There is nothing better than sharing a deep affection for food. The restaurant was neat in concept, but lacking with variety. Pizza? White pizza + Prosciutto. Freaking delicious. 

 Mark Piper, Marcia Ginger, Patrick Lanham, Susan Gillham

Gallery opening, "With The Mind: Photography" by Anne Deniau (more - here). Don't we look tanned and stress free from vacation? Which reminds me, I'll post all about that trip, soon. We certainly felt very fancy (and out of place) with the passed cocktails and red carpet. Well, M did. I'm an attention whore. I can feel a camera lens on me from 50 feet. The joys of having photographer as a parent. And my practiced, not too big, not too small, smile. 

What have YOU been up to lately?

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