Photo Diary: Fright Night

Nov 5, 2013

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Love an excuse to celebrate. Loathe all things spooky. My all time favorite part of Halloween is trick o' treater's. So darn cute. 

We had a party (shocker), so we hit the local farm I went to as a child for supplies.

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Choose pumpkins.

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Got three bales of hay, a giant corn stalk, and bundle of Indian corn - we are both allergic (to hay), and it made a terrible mess of our vehicles, but M had his heart set on a campfire with authentic hay seating. I just wanted to make smores.

-- costumes --

I am the worst at making decisions if I just go to a store (sans list), anxiety usually sets in. OCD at its finest. Thankfully M is the patron saint of patience. 

The Grim Reaper. 

Look, I'm a pirate! 

That is an empty Rum bottle, no I did not consume it alone.  It went into the spiked cider (all of it). This is merely a prop Jennifer. No need to stage an intervention.

Costume close up. 

Someone please tell me why all the women's costumes are all "sexy" (insert name). Contrary to popular belief I don't need everyone seeing my naughty bits.  So I wore Capri's underneath to conceal my goodies. Seriously, it should not be considered a dress if it barely covers your rear. Fact.

Angel and Demon

Costuming the hounds wasn't too awful.

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But about an hour after their photo shoot Rubin broke her wings. For the second time.  We can't have anything nice. 

Miles, on the other hand will pose if there is food, the prospect of food, or we are in the kitchen where there is food.  

But once I'm done he demands payment. 

-- decor --

I am afraid of my own shadow, so my decor leans more toward cute and whimsical.  M went Murder on Elm Street. I walked in the house and screamed at the spider webs. Then realized we hadn't been attacked like in Arachnophobia, and he was just trying to give me a coronary with all the bugs. Which, despite the fact they are plastic, still count as bugs.

The pumpkins are the trick or treat sacks my middle sister and I used when we were little! I super puffy heart love them. Memories.

Photo-bombed by Rubin
Yep, that is a ghost. And it made noise. We both know it creeped me out - big time. 

-- food --

Smores. Nothing else mattered (to me). But, we wanted our friends to come so we had plenty of booze and nibbles too.

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Pumpkin Cupcakes. Cuz M likes Pumpkin and its Halloween. Short hair detests all things pumpkin for food so in a world where I got my way 24/7, pumpkins would be for decorative use only. 

Photo: Halloweenie fun - thx Mark Piper / Marcia Ginger!

Some of the costume fun. And Rubin, cuz home girl likes the limelight.

Do you dress up for Halloween? It depends for me, some years I throw on a Halloween top or wtiche's hat, but now that I've run some costume races, its more enjoyable to dress up. And I have a stock pile of options!

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