Photo Diary: Hot Chocolate 15k

Dec 30, 2013

After an epic packet pick up (more - here) where I lost my damn mind and  bought enough headbands for the rest of my life - which I don't regret, at all, cuz they are be-a-utiful and I likes my tresses out my face. And I don't believe in moderation. Said by the woman who split her pants days ago...

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It was 24 degrees that morning. Thank God for wool socks and real restrooms.

That - my friends, is ice. Being the klumsiest person in America I should have taken that as a big fat sign and not race, but I like to live life on the edge - of frostbite and hypothermia.

Thankfully I found my corral and had a few moments to realize my iPod, despite being plugged in ALL night, was dead. Awesome. 

So I did what any true OCD runner would do - plugged it into my Yurbuds and prayed it would magically power on once the race began. Hint: it didn't. 

So I used my over active imagination as entertainment:

Mile 1: Holy eff its cold
Mile 2: Thank baby Jesus I can feel my hands again
Mile 3: Holy eff I'm cold - maybe I could just detour to the 5k
Mile 3.5: Did we just pass the finish line? Cruel. 
Mile 4: Let's try Pandora!
Mile 4.2: iPhone dies - spend next quarter mile walking to jam phone, ipod, and headphones in my spi belt and pockets.
Mile 4.3: Decide my $1 bin gloves were a terrible choice, and pray I don't lose my fingers from frostbite, cuz they are numb, again.
Mile 5: Curse self for no means of communication, music or distraction for the remainder of the race
Mile 6: "I bet M and his coworkers came to cheer me on (in the artic), I bet they made signs and everything." (They didn't.)
Mile 5.1: What a jerk, who doesn't come out of work (and down 6 blocks in 24 degrees) to cheer me on, with a sign?
Mile 6: Awesome, a hill. Thank God I've been running hills. Go me!
Mile 7: Where are we?
Mile 8: Contemplate borrowing a passing runners phone to call my mom and tell her my phone died
Mile 9: Vow to spend a months salary on proper gloves if need be
Mile 9.1: Where the eff is the finish
Mile 9.2: Seriously, where is the finish?
Mlie 9.3: DONE!

Chocolate "aid" station? Don't mind if I do...

Despite the frigid temps, race support was stellar, they had pre salted the entire course so the few ice patches that remained were well marked. Plus, they had ambulances on stand by all along the course since the temp was below freezing.

God bless race volunteers.

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Bib: 51710
Time: 1:50:33; age 180/200, gender 940/1088

After crossing the finish line (race photos, here + results, here) I bee lined it for the post race party, grabbed a water, my finishers mug, and headed to my car. It was so cold my fondue froze. But the hot chocolate was divine and seriously delicious. They put mad chocolate in it, and I ain't mad about that. 

Once home I had this guy (meh, thank goodness it was free), took the hottest shower of my life, and popped my finisher's mug in the microwave

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Chocolate. Heaven. 

Hot Chocolate (RAM Racing) put on a first class race, with even better volunteers. I can't wait till next year (register, here). Many thanks to the Hot Chocolate 15k/5k for allowing me to be a part of this memorable, fun, and most importantly - chocolate covered race. 

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