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Jan 2, 2014

Happy New Year! 

Cheers to a fantastic 2013 and an even better 2014. Since my OCD requires me to blog in chronologial order (you're welcome), let's pick up where we/I left off, shall we?

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After this race and once I savored every drop of chocolate from my finisher's mug, did Tracy Anderson Mat, prepped chili in the crock pot

This seasoning is - LEGIT good

then found my place on the couch - watching the season finale's of some of my fave shows: Revenge and Witches of East End

It's a @redbox, crock pot, and @PROCompression kinda afternoon. #sundayfunday
— Marcia Ginger (@MarciaElise) December 15, 2013

(Side Note: I cannot for the life of me figure out how to imbed my tweets nicer. Anyone know how??? Help!)

The next day I went for a run at the gym to try and shake out my achy, tired legs. Whilst watching the debauchery that is Vanderpump Rules #mgotmehooked

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Saw Elf: The Musical - here 

Went to the Garden Glow after a holiday party - here. Leave it to me to be chatting away with pinot noir flowing and I was late, per usual. Thankfully the glow isn't structured time wise, so we all got in and I wasn't given the stink eye for being tardy

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Afraid we'd be in the midst of strollers and the like, we packed flasks - cuz we are smart. It was a blast, the lights were incredible, though busy, it was never shoulder-to-shoulder, and they had a bar. #winning

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Suffice to say I spent the better part of the next day hungover and wanting to die. Fact. This giant bowl of heaven always helps. 

I shook one of M's gifts and ripped it. Oops.

I took off the week of Christmas and New Years per usual and had a full to do list of what I'd like to get accomplished.  Bought and wrapped gifts (procrastination station here) - isn't that wrapping tape hysterical?! Although people should wrap my gifts with it, I'm a totally toucher/shaker/poker of my gifts.  Like a five year old. Sue me.

Got in mad running and spent obscene amounts of quality time with these fools

Crafted a jewelry holder ala Pinterest

Picked up pins and fabric from Hobby Lobby

Then, using a bulletin board I already had, cut the fabric to size (I wrapped it like a present so all sides were covered), and hot glue the fabric to the board. Let dry then added my jewels, and a few photos to complete the board. It turned out fantastic! (Note: I tried to spray paint the pins but that was an epic fail)

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Made cookies 

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and garlic knots for Christmas. 

The hounds got a new bed - I think they like it...

Snapped this seconds before she started EATING the branches. Ugh.
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Speaking of, it was a lovely holiday. Got in a run on Christmas Eve right before the gym closed, spent time with family over delightful food (theme this year was italian!), and wine. Happy gal. Minus waking up with this on my face. Lovely.

Mizuno + Pro Compression represent!

Matchy - matchy.  A rare occasion over here. Had to document this moment.

Finally had Strange Donuts: Apple fritter, carrot cake, gooey butter, bacon glaze. Heaven. For the record I ate the fritter and tasted the others. A few times. For research purposes. 

M got a fancy haircut via my smother. Smoking. Hot. 

New Years Eve. Dinner with friends - here. Fancy mani, sequins, bubbly, lots and lots of laughter. The thing great nights are made of. So great I didn't snap a single photo. #fail. We were home, and in bed by 10:30. I do not regret a moment. #ilovesleep

Overall: "Christmas break" was a serious win. Besides overindulging in food, wine, and the like. Did some major deep cleaning, saw a few movies (Anchorman 2, Wolf of Wall Street, countless redbox rentals), and watched about half of the first season of Criminal Minds, read this book, had a house-guest, and made Gina's Ziti (stupid good). I'd say this much needed "break" was well spent :)

I'll post all the recipes on the "Eat" page and share my goals for 2014 in a coming post.

What is your go-to hangover remedy? 

How was your holiday?

Do anything special for NYE?

Email me

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