Life as of late: According to my iPhone (pt. 9)

Jan 24, 2014

(where I got the sassy nail polish - here)

Happy New Year (again). Here's hoping your 2014 is off to a smashing start. 

Recap:  New Years Eve2013, 2014 goals - here, here 

M  cooked a belated birthday feast for my smother. Stuffed burgers, sweet potato fries, and sauteed mushrooms.  Home girl was in heaven. He's pretty darn fantastic.  I won't mention her letting it slip she'd given our dad's wedding ring to my middle sister, knowing full well I laid claim on it years ago. Not cool mom. Not cool.  Middle children, they stick together. Wait, I just mentioned it. #bittertown

Ran. Coffee with a pal - here. Some random dude all up in our conversation asks us to change topics (it wasn't anything foul) cuz "he's eating". STOP eavesdropping and eat your damn pancakes then! People. Went here for the first time - delicious, delicious, delicious. Ran again. Some days splitting my long run up is the only way to balance life and training.  So the entire city gets the pleasure of smelling me all day, cuz ain't no way I'm showering till the end. You're welcome.

College friend had her first baby. What did we do? Hopped in the car and took a road-trip to wish her a proper Happy Birthday. As expected, my uterus exploded. Too much newborn snuggle-cuddle-cuteness going on. 

5:30 (am!) spin class was full, so I tucked collected my towel like a creeper and left. Then I made lemonade out of my morning - 15 of the longest, most brutal moments on the stair-master, 45 minutes on the elliptical that swings your legs (does it have a different name?), and 30 minutes of speed work. Not. Too. Shabby. 

Picked up some Amino Energy for workouts, sometimes I lack energy to put on a bra, much less run. Low calories, freaking awesome flavor (watermelon). #winning.

One night we hit the Fox and the Hound for cocktails (never been, super cozy), then saw American Hustle. Better than the commercials (to me). I was just along for the quality time bottle of Pinot Noir during the movie. God bless whomever made the brilliant decision to serve booze at movies. You are my hero.

Spent the better part of the day reading (Thanks for the rec Mel, it was intensely awesome!)

After surviving a trip out into the Arctic, I decided it was high time we got this room in order and move one of the two chest drawers to the basement, you know clear out all the junk tidy up the place. And make a dedicated workout space to workout at - working out on the main floor with the hounds results in chewed on equipment, and the master bedroom was out (again) because we are on opposite work schedules (again).

Semi lofty goal: rise at 5 am, cross train + foam roll + devotion

On the days I get up its fantastic, just making that constant rise when its still dark, I'm adjusting to. #babysteps

Snow day cabin fever = overheating and signing up for two races, here's to an injury free 2014 #halfmarathon #marathon #snowday
— Marcia Ginger (@MarciaElise) January 6, 2014

Check out my 2014 race calendar  ------>

I'm pretty darn overjoyed for the international 26.2 I signed up for. #understatementofthecentury

Hound update:  bought these insane hip sockets (gross, don't think about it), only to wake up to this mayhem, then the other day they did this

I spent the better part of an hour with a glass of wine sewing that back together. Walk down stairs this morning and what do I see? Dog bed filling. May it rest in peace. #imnotsewingthatbastardagain #mthinkstheyneedfreedomisaycratejail

Work has been - ridic (how's that for proper English, word Nazi? You know who you are, Jennifer :). The month isn't over and I've been called out four times. Job security, yes. Sleep deprived, hell yes. Needless to say those 5 am workouts have been all but nonexistent. Read an article about training your body and its said to run "even if you don't want to" sometimes to train (mentally) for when you hit a wall in a race. So I ran after one of these extremely long and sleep deprived days. I dragged total butt the entire time and contemplated stopping as I watched the clock tick. But I got in my run, and afterwards (surprisingly) felt 10x better than when I walked in. Don't expect that madness to happen every day.

Sam's yoga pants ftw (again). These bad boys are stupid cheap and so cozy. 

The cable is out at my gym, so I've been downloading free shows on iTunes to pass the time. So far I've seen: Helix (like), 100 days of summer (train wreck), blood sweat heels (undecided).

Fitness update: mileage this month was lacking the past few weeks, thankfully I seem to be back on track. Cross training and foam rolling, on the other hand, need Jesus. The last week or so I've been doing a Tracy Anderson arm video and Vabs to get in at least something - 15 minutes is better than 0 minutes of cross training.

Recipe, here (I used Soy Eggnog instead of half n' half - heaven)

New VIA lattes, for $1 - heck to the yes!

That moment when you finish a book, look around, and realize that everyone is just carrying on with their lives ... as though you didn't just experience emotional trauma at the hands of a paperback.

After finishing this book I felt I had no purpose in life (oh the drama)

So I hit the library for reinforcements. Revenge Wears Prada was so good I stayed up late and finished it in less than a week.  The other two I thumbed through and wasn't impressed. At all. And, slowly but surely my magazine pile is dwindling, finally.

Hello bed head. Clearly this way before doing my hair - oy.

Keeping with my goals for 2014 I've instituted a "shopping freeze". Unless it is a necessity, of which I already have a list since I cleaned out all closets/drawers while on break, it ain't getting purchased. I fell into the convenience trap, hard - grabbing the same go-to outfits and not fully utilizing my closet(s). So, I challenged myself to "shop my closet", I'll post outfits that I really dig and am proud of and try not to give you carpal tunnel with a bazillion photos.  Kidding, this serves as your warning - so strap on your hand brace...

In other news, my hair is finally long enough to curl again - and the church said "Amen".

M update: He's declared the need for a "#1 boyfriend mug" for the sole reason he thinks it'd be hysterical. He even went as far to say, "I'm sure that Pinterest thing has instructions".

Dishes. We have varying opinions on how they should be done. I jam everything-but-the-kitchen-sink into the dishwasher and can sweep, dust, prepare a meal and fight crime, while he thinks hand washing each dish is ideal. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Latest obsession? Answering my question, with a question. Or ignoring me completely. Pray for him, I may suffocate him with a pillow...

Last week we went to this new Moroccan restaurant near us for dinner. Super yummy, super slow service. Note to self, don't show up on Saturday with plans afterwards and except speed. Caught a tiny glimpse of the SAG awards red carpet before we left home - whelmed. Not one memorable gown. #sadday. After dinner we saw (to my deep, deep chagrin), Her. Not a fan. #mymomsaidifyouhavenothingnicetosaydontsayanythingatall. I drank and semi napped for the duration.

Joined Big River Running Company's Spring training team to get ready for the 2014 race season. Totally slept thru my alarm for the 1st long run. Went this past Sunday and had a blast! There were no less than 100 ppl there (at least) of all different pace groups and mileage. It was perfect (and FREE). Afterwards we went to a friend's and made his girlfriend dinner for her birthday - cooking, especially with others that enjoy cooking, is the best.

What have YOU been up to as of late?

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  1. Totally paused when I saw "ridic," then continued and cracked up. I got called out before I said anything. Well played.


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