Life as of late: According to my iPhone (pt. 10)

Jan 29, 2014

Ran out of my favorite cocoa powder for the latest coffee recipe I'm digging. M surprised me with grocery shopping and replenished my cocoa. Gosh I adore him. The sentiment was so sweet I didn't/don't have the heart to tell him he got the wrong kind. So, whilst I tinker with a new recipe to use it, I've been liking a modified version of Nutella coffee I found on Pinterest.

It's under 150 calories - recipe and nutritional info, here. Once I perfect it I'll post on the "eats" page.

Last week was wine soaked. Had a glass (or two) every night. By myself. It was bliss. Granted I was pms'ing something fierce, the dogs sensed my cranky mood treading naughty behavior with caution, and I binge snacked like a champ.

Speaking of snacking, I powered through a bag of Brownie Brittle, with no regrets. Add in the fact I was eating 2 squares and not 6 (which is one serving), I felt that was the opportune time to get brownie wasted. 

All of the lights...

Clayton Restaurant Week a no brainer way to meet up with friends, and try something new (to me). Feast, great wine, and even better company. Insert Libertine. Per (restaurant week) usual there is a pre-fix menu which I always have mixed feelings about since I like to decide my food cuz I'm an adult and can choose on my own thank you very much. To my delight there was both a pre-fix, and the option to order off the regular menu. Panic attack averted. We ordered a bottle of red that was far beyond my dreams for red wine - no bite, smooth, silky taste. And of course I can't remember the name. Decided to choose opposite dishes so we could taste a variety (off the pre-fix menu) - mission accomplished. I apologize for the lack of food photos, I'm trying not to wave my freak flag everywhere I go. Trying.

-- He ordered --
Crispy Pig Tails
“Buffalo Style”, Whipped Gorgonzola, Brown Butter Polenta

Sunflower Seed Fried Rice
Chinese Bacon, Pickled Carrots, Sprouts
*Add a Sunny Side Up Farm Egg
*Can be Made Without the Bacon

Chocolate Fudge
Satsuma Gel, Gianduja Rice Crispy
White Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

-- I ordered --
Farro Salad
Shaved Pecorino, Arugula, Banyuls Vinegar, Crisp Radishes

Beef Cheek Ragu
Red Wine Braised Beef Cheek, Pappardelle, Ash Roasted Carrots

Red Velvet Cake
Cream Cheese Ice Cream, Candied Cocoa Nibs, Dried Beets

The crispy pig tails resembled smoked sausage, but tasted like a pork explosion of flavor, beginning from the crispy first bite, to the perfectly seasoned meat and sauce. I couldn't eat an entire portion alone (it was a pretty generous appetizer), but it was definitely freaking delicious. The sunflower seed rice was incredible. While food stalking the surrounding tables I spotted this dish and brushed it off as "ordinary". My lands how I was wrong! First, there is no rice, the "rice" is pressured cooked sunflower seeds(!) cooked to perfection with bacon and crisp, crunchy veggies. The homemade soy and hoisin sauces were legit. And the egg? Put me in my place, the perfect touch. 

Farro salad was a dainty (read: on the smaller side) portion, but the fresh shaved Pecorino, and exquisitely cooked farro did not go unnoticed. Having previously tried cheek last year for my birthday dinner - here, it went without saying we'd be having it again. Exceeded our expectations on portion size (of meat), and super yummy. A strong despiser (is that word?) of beets, I ate my words (literally) when dessert came. The perfect dessert size, each component singing this fantastic siren song to my taste buds. I'm a beet-liever. For the dessert, just to clarify. Normal beets still taste like dirt. 

(via Instagram)

Saturday I sleep in a bit, and proceeded to procrastinate away my 14 miler although I had on gym clothes. And my gym bag was packed. It goes without saying I felt like a LOSER for skipping my long run.  We did, however have a fantastic lunch, followed by a perusing on the new grocery store in Lafayette Square, Field Foods. The mere fact there are cup holders and a bar in the store is only part all of the reason I had to go. Prices were competitive, and plantains were flat out half the price of Schnucks and even Save-a-lot. #winning.

Since running out of my new favorite hot sauce, I've been trying to find a worthy replacement till my Amazon wish list reaches free shipping (is it $30 or $50??) to replenish my beloved bottle of love. Snatched up this guy - tasty town, but not hot sauce. The search for a worthy local hot sauce continues...

(via Instagram)

Sunday, to redeem the sins of Saturdays past, I got up and hit group run. I really enjoy knowing I won't be running alone, don't have to think about route planning, and get to meet new people with the same hobby as you. This week we did a seven miler around my old neighborhood, and while it was hillier than all hell, it was so awesome to run and reminisce.


-- and, since I forgot last week, here is photo of the group run from the week before at Forest Park. These ladies are the sweetest, running with them literally melts the time away. 

Yesterday marked 365 days since we saw, and subsequently brought the hounds from hell home. More on their adoption - here.

After group run I ran errands. First stop - Sam's. I must have been really excited to shop cuz I strolled up 40 minutes before they opened.

Once they opened (I ran errands in the interim, opting not to sit in the lot like a creeper) I walked straight to my new favorite thing - the sample machine. This week is cottonelle wet napkins. Perfectly suited for my car when I make a mess.

Sotcked up on Brownie Brittle and Fish - the food of warriors. 

Saw this gel mani kit - anyone ever tried this? I'm intrigued, and since one of my 2014 goals is to be more financially responsible, mani-pedis for the thrill of it didn't make the necessity cut.

Visited my juicer crush, trying the latest juice (the name escapes me): Brussel sprouts, carrots, pear, kale, and apple. So yummy! While I love me long time some b. sprouts, I was nervous about the taste - crisis averted. 

Grabbed this guy from Trader Joe's. NOT hot. Great flavor, NOT hot. The quest continues...

Also got some of this - flavor town! Not hot, but fresh made and freaking delish.

Yesterday I had a late (work) start, so I ran before work. Even though I was rocking a migraine (today makes day #3 - and I feel like le' poo), hard, I cranked out 5.50 miles with a fast finish. Not too shabby. Dear gym, fix your cable, I'm tired of looking at a blank screen.  Sincerely, get your shit together this is ridiculous. 

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  1. I got the Sally Hansen at-home gel mani kit for Christmas, and I LOVE it! It's super easy to use and works just like at the salon.

  2. um, I think you should try that manicure set on me next month..hint hint #soexcitedtoseeyou


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