My Best Friend's Wedding

Jan 31, 2014

Memory lane time. One of my oldest friends got married last October, and yours truly was the maid of honor. My heart swells to see my friends happy - which is why the bridal party made it our mission to create an incredible coed bridal  shower and bachelorette bash.

Before we knew it, the wedding weekend was here.

-- Rehearsal Dinner --

We actually didn't have to "rehearse" at all, just a leisurely Mexican themed dinner here, complete with bottomless margaritas, and my favorite - Churros. I may or may not have demanded them when she said the theme was Mexican. I also may or may not have been elbow deep in chocolate and cinnamon sugar - to which I was promptly made fun of. Haters gon hate...

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Because get pretty time for weddings begin at stupid o'clock (and I'm late to life), I opted to stay with my friend and have one last slumber party before she tied the knot. It was perfect. Just us two, me frantically in my usual OCD prep mode laying out everything for the next day, lounging in our pj's, and feigning interest in the Cardinals game while trying not to fall asleep. We were passed out before 10 p.m. Fact. 

The bride's mom bought us girls a hanger and robe to match the bride's. Such a sweet touch. 

-- Nuptials --

Bridesmaid earrings

Bride's divine ostrich clutch

Getting ready that morning was uncluttered chaos, in the best way. Food being passed, mimosas being poured, hair + makeup. 

Have you ever had airbrush makeup? It's amazing. Worth every penny. 

Headed off to take first look photos at Forest Park.

Doesn't she look amazing-drop-dead-gorgeous?!

Bridal party photos at the Graffiti wall, complete with a vintage Bentley

It was freezing by the river. But the photos turned out magnificent.

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Bridal party (sans bride and groom) headed to the ceremony. 

What to do, what to do??? Champagne, lots and lots of champagne. And possibly a shot (or two). I don't quite remember.


Freshening up - my word the cleavage. Mercy. 

Mr + Mrs

Vintage furniture for photos and the bride's brooch bouquet.

Friends since ninth grade

Sparkler sendoff

Dessert: Smore bar, rise krispie treats, cupcakes, chocolate covered Strawberries. 

More Champagne.

Blurriest photo, ever. 

Photo booth fun (more - here)

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