Photo Diary: #beachboozesunrepeat (part one)

Jan 3, 2014

Remember when I went on a epic nine day beach vacation last September?

Work was sending me to a conference in Palm Beach, FL (I'm on two committees and it was basically mandatory for my attendance). Who am I to stand in the way of sandy beaches networking? Precisely. So, efficient folk that we are, decided M would join me and we would add on a few days prior to the conference to unwind and spend quality time with each other (both our primary love language, btw) not wiping up dog urine and without the everyday minutia that is adulthood (career, household chores, etc). So we booked a hotel - here, booked our flights, and began the tedious task of swimsuit shopping.

After the third time M asked me "why I booked a 6am flight" and we elbow checked our way through a connection in ATL I got some java so he wouldn't spend the vacation with a black eye.  Besides, vacations should begin as early as possible so one can soak up every moment.  Der.

Once checked in we bee-lined for sustenance - here 

Took this massive crab looey salad to the face. Oh. My. Yum. 

Explored the island and resort grounds 

First stop - the beach

Sat front row for the sunset (we did this every night after too). We saw sharks and dolphins, so M insisted we camp out each night - sunset for me, marine life spotting for him. 

Dinner at the resort tiki bar

Where I fell madly in love with this hot sauce

plastic bottles filed with gatorade. And vodka.

The next morning it became painfully apparent I had too much "fun" on vacation day #1. Hangover town. M agreed to run with me on the beach during vacation (he never runs) so I couldn't pass up the opportunity for two of my favorite things: him, and running. It was brutal. Afterwards a woman stopped me and told me how awesome I did running (stopping to dry heave and catch my breath every .2 miles) along the beach, it is no easy feat (sober). Little did she know I was sporting a hellacious hangover and was doing everything in my power not to ralph.  Lesson. Learned. (we ran each day along the beach together - bliss)

Over the next few days we did a whole lot of nothing and everything. 

Copious amounts of lounging and napping

(via Instagram)

Reading. Poolside. Add in the live music each day and it was an island oasis. Literally.

Eating. Alot. This particular night I left my ID in the room and the waiter refused to serve me:

Which was totally worth the watermelon mojito.

Snack trip: somehow I came out with all junk food. Even the cashier commented on my food choices. #sorrynotsorry #caloriesdontcountonvacation

Enjoyed said snack, in bed, with compression socks, watching Hocus Pocus. It that's wrong, I don't wanna be right. Fact.

Explored the island. On foot. At our leisure.

Aw. Hahaha.

Initially, I was extremely self conscious about my lack of six pack abs and sculpted arms

Till I got there, step foot in the sand, and didn't have a care in the world. I bought four new suits, and dang it I rocked every darn one. Self conscious (less than before) what? 

The resort and island had great food - crab cake sandiwch. yes please. Granted, by the end we were grateful for a change, we travelled everywhere by foot, and majority of the restaurants were glamorized bar food. I love french fries, but since moderation is not in my vocabulary (but needs to be), was good we left before a left all my cares and went ape.

The resort turned out to be a time share - we skipped the tour and such and just relaxed. There is far too much of the world to see (at this point in our lives) to spend thousands of dollars to go to the same place every year. Plus - do you know how much those things cost!?! Tip: go on ebay, you can get them for a dollar. For real. Having a full living space - kitchen, living, balcony, bedroom was awesome to have I won't lie. And the rooms were clean, tastefully decorated, had onsite laundry facilities, and reasonably priced.

Breakfast burrito dreams are made of. Their coffee was noteworthy too. Especially when you add Baileys. Like we did, every morning.

Thankfully the staff was understanding: 

Morning: when you pour a giant cup of coffee, and realize its decaf. Beavis. Yep, dumped it and got the real thing #noshame
— Marcia Ginger (@MarciaElise) September 30, 2013

(via Instagram)

Struggled with running

1) yes, I'm this tan in 4 days 2) this pic was post run feeling like a failure trying to get back to…
— Marcia Ginger (@MarciaElise) September 29, 2013

Went bike riding around the island and through their national park.

Our last night we went - here. Arrived in time to see the marina, and watch the sunset. while enjoying a awesome feast. And a giant bucket cocktail M had to have. Classy-like (he insisted we take the buckets home).

Bonus - the chairs we massive. I felt tall and cozy at the same time. #winning

(via Instagram)

It was a delightful vacation - which, unbeknownst to us, would get considerably more awesome (if that is even possible) once we arrived at our second hotel for the conference.

-- to be continued --

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