Monday Musings

Feb 10, 2014

Walking dead here. I'm awake, showered, and mid caffeinated. Considering I have been sick as a hot-diggity-dog since Friday, this is earth shattering. Here's hoping wherever you are you haven't gotten a bout of the winter plague, and are warm and toasty like.

  1. Fear of missing out, rate yourself - here 
  2. Ten minute mani - treated myself to one of these last night. Much. Needed.
  3. (Video) Epic comeback after a fall
  4. On taking a "zero week" post marathon (full and half)
  5. Benefits of napping, explained
  6. On portion control
  7. How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew - tried. but we got really thirsty and abandoned this method. Next time.
  8. Tabata - history, workout -anyone tried this before? I'm dying to try it.
  9. Nutella recipes - galore
  10. How inspiring is she?

What are YOU musing about this Monday?

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