The Walking -- Dead

Feb 11, 2014

Winter germs. They get the best of us. 

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First, it was a little (lot) migraine action. For three days straight. 

Then, this happened. Super fun. Said no one, ever.

When I'm sick, I pin. And that is why the number of pins  on my pinterest has gone  up significantly this week.

Once saltines stayed put I decided it twas time to go into work, and my boss says "you look very thin today". Which made the serious death cramping and potty dance worth it. If I gotta feel like crap the least my body could do was lose a few lbs...

Super Bowl: M is back on nights which means I'm not obligated to feign interest and binge eat to keep myself from gouging my eyes out in boredom. So I kicked it with the hounds from hell and watch everything except football... 

Celebrated my Grandma's 77th birthday with a family dinner, complete with caramel cake (also made - here) and home made ice cream. Home girl loves food more than her grandchildren. Fact. #igetmyfoodobsessionfrommygrandma

January official tally of mileage: 81.85 miles. Add in my longest run to date =  #winning 

Cross training. Let's not even go there. #isuckatmakingtimeforit #mustgetittogethersoidontridetheinjurytrainagain

Celebrated a friend's birthday extravaganza at Gamilin Whiskey House. A night replete with a table full of women, and wine. #goodtimeshadbyall

Spotted: Chocolate Smooth Move Tea. Anyone ever tried? I super puffy heart love peppermint.

OOTD: Winter has zapped all effort I thought I was making in this department. I won't bore you with my lack luster sweater-pants-socks-all-the-warm-clothes combos. You're welcome.  And, in case I haven't mentioned it ten times already, I'm over winter. #itsnowedagainlastnight

Between the sub zero temps, a stressful January (at work), the fact M is on nights which automatically makes me fear for my life and hate the world, sprinkle in the bubonic plague of illness(es), and I've been in a "cranky" mood as of late. #understatementofthecentury

Tested: crock pot baked potatoes. Stupid easy. Seriously delicious. Sweet and Spud alike, no brainer dinner. 

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Dinner with a friend = wine and pie. Catching up has never been so much fun. 

Note: Chocolate Pecan is legit

Five at five (am). Thank sweet baby Jesus for the CBS app (on my phone), my gym is still without cable #getyourshittogether. Latest find: Person of Interest. Any other shows I need to see?

In other news, waking up at 4:15 to hit the gym is -- struggle bus. Now that I've realized expecting to go every morning at stupid o'clock is unreasonable, I'm working on four out of five days before work. #lordhearmyprayer

Trivia night with my VS. Confirmation I'll never succeed on Jeopardy, unless all the categories involve reality tv and who-dated-whom. The cereal round was mad creative. Think zip loc bags filled with all the cereal of your childhood. Ah, memories. 

Boom. Guess who is sick, again? This time of the congestion, achy body, sweaty-fever sleep variety. M is so lucky - I ooze sex appeal. #hessleepinginthespareroom #toldmeilooklikethewalkingdead #romeo

Latest read: Skinny Bitch in Love. Binge read in days. Quick read, cute story. 

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Went to the Pixies concert. And since I had/have no idea who they are I hit the bar for reinforcements: wine + sour gummy worms. #whateverworks 

Currently buying stock in: Chicken noodle soup. 

Ever had this? Easy peasy to make - boil water, add packet. Eat. Calories aren't bad either.

I've made inferences before to wanting to give it a try, and now I am -- going Vegan. For a week. 

Thankfully the winter plague subsided long enough for the first shower of my weekend (don't judge) and a trip to the grocery store and to get my hair done cuz I looked like the Color Purple. 

Reading labels feeling like le' poo is less than ideal, but I think I got enough for my foray into Vegan-ism.

Day #1:
(Sunday 2/9/14)

Breakfast: Soy Hot Cocoa + Kashi Warm Cinnamon (dry)
Lunch: Chicken Noodle (see above) - not vegan, but I'm a) still feeling like sh!t, b) not independently wealthy thus don't waste food
Dinner: Half a baked potato, Earth Balance Butter, Daiya Mozzarella Cheese, Salt, Pepper, Slap ya' mama seasoning. #sodarnyummy

And, cuz I got bit by the productive bug last night: scrubbed the upstairs, did three loads of laundry, fumigated the house germs (or tried to), painted my nails and made Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins (vegan - omitted egg and double up on applesauce). 

Hopefully this is the start of feeling better, and getting back into the gym. I'm dying to try Tabata, and I'm long overdue for a run. It's been five days (and counting) since my last workout. I'm about to come out of my skin. 

Vegan? Tried it? Thoughts? Any recipes to share? 

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  1. Since you haven't seen all of The Color Purple, I'm gonna go ahead and guess you looked like Celie. Plait it up, boo. Plait it up. :)


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