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Mar 21, 2014

So much happening round these parts -- kidding.

National Pancake Day meant pancakes -- toasted pecan and banana to be exact

With fruit, because -- fruit is amazing. Topped with nutella on one layer and jam on the other.  It's ok, you can drool, I did

Work has been -- capitalizing on the fact I'm salaried and on call 24/7/365. Let's just say that. 

So much so my pancake flipping skills lead to an "incident". Pretty sure Rubin will need therapy for that, definitely.  Meanwhile, how the heck did I flip a pancake 2 feet from the stove?!

Maplewood Coffee Crawl is April 5th 

via Instagram

I'm slightly excited. Slightly.

Polenta Pizzas

Slice polenta and heat through on grill pan misted with coconut oil spray

Prepare protein of your choice -- in the spirit of compromise, I used lean ground beef sautéed with onions and mushrooms.

Plate polenta. Spread tomato sauce. Add protein.  Top with cheese. 

Marvel in your genius.

Did a little redecorating/organizing in the master bath

Uncovering these guys from a past Klutchclub box. Did some research and found they are suppose to be good for fat burning.  Burn baby burn...

Monday night group run with a post run cocktail. It was my first time doing both, the run group is super nice, very organized, everyone is friendly, and The Royale was just what I needed. Laid back vibe, complete with twinkle nights, and a fire pit. 

My spin on a Pinterest recipe. Holy yum town

Highlight of my days in the field, besides finding roadside attractions -- eating out. What made it ten times better? The fact it was FREE pie day. 

Of course, I celebrated the real Pi Day -- with pie. And a brownie as back up.  In case I didn't like the pie.  I ate them both. I do not regret my life choices.

Ever had this?  Surprisingly flavorful and refreshing.  Zero calories. 

Brunch. There is nothing better than having friend(s) who share your love of food. Nothing. Unless they like Champagne too, then we are basically soul mates. Fact.

The FREE sample machine at Sams was refilled -- crisis averted.  It is literally the best part of my trip. Because I like gifts.  Send gifts. 

Found this gem -- here. My quest for a dairy free existence surges on. Delicious, smooth, so rich.

Another cabinet inhabitant found (via Klutchbox). Tastes yummy, and curbs my crazy insomnia

Latest outfit -- my quest to not shop folded when key items of my wardrobe all decided to fall apart, at the same time.  Awesome.  

Thankfully, my quest for debt-free and upcoming trip to France is keeping my spending in check. Sorta.

Cooked any new dishes lately?

Do you get sucked into spending way too much at Target too?

Email me

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