Mar 19, 2014

When a friend invites you to an Oscars party, you scour the internet/kitchen recipes/cookbooks for the perfect finger food as not to dirty any (additional) dishes for the host and easy to eat and mingle with, but not skimping on the deliciousness of it all. All while being incredibly addictive, aesthetically pleasing, and -- well, you get the picture. Freaking delicious.

The icing? Nailed it!

After inhaling five (five!) of these delights, and waiting for the icing to dry completely (to transport without smashing -- the horror), we journeyed outside into the arctic, after all not even an ice storm could keep me from sipping Champagne, watching the red carpet, and nibbling on heavenly items each person brought -- the star being the antipasti mini sandwich that left me in a delirious state of Italian heaven.

Do you enjoy watching awards shows? I love the red carpet, the show itself I can take or leave.

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