Stacked, packed (pavement), and a whole lot of food

Mar 12, 2014

On this episode of "early thirties and restless"...

I'm sincerely over the weather, all things related, in reference to, and dictated by -- but (but!), yours truly went to the gym during a wind storm a few weeks back, that knocked out the power (whilst on the treadmill - hello dead stop) - twice. Certainly there is a spot, in heaven, for me. Move over Mother Theresa.

Finally found these beauties. Ok, ok, internet searched within a fifty mile radius, checked stores incessantly to inquire if they carry it -- so basically I didn't try and they fell into my lap. For you St. Louis folk, they are at the World Market off Green Mount Road in Illinois.  Happy drinking!

Roasted Cauliflower + Soyrizo saute + Daiya Shreds + Green Onion

Roasted cauliflower, you simple, yet complex minx. 

Rinse. Chop. Drizzle with EVOO. Sprinkle seasoning of your choice (I'm obsessed with Slap yo mama as of late). Roast in oven (425), shaking the pan every few minutes till all charred like on the edges and semi translucent in the flesh (we have a gas stove, takes about 15-20 minutes). Cool. Devour entire cauliflower. Repeat.

Soyrizo saute: tablespoon of EVOO, chopped onion, mushrooms and sautee till tender. Add soyrizo and cook till warmed through. 

Lunch with peers at Sweetie Pies. Yes, that is my plate. Yes, I ate it all. No, I didn't regret it. Their mac n' cheese (five cheeses, btw), will literally render you speechless. The smothered pork chop is so sinful even my food allergy can't keep me away. 

Note: Workout prior to consuming. There will be no way you'll snap out of your food coma long enough to do anything productive. Fact.

Friends and I road-tripped to hang out with our friend and new baby before her maternity leave ended. A day replete with catching up, baby snuggles, shopping, and lunch. But not before Amie and I set out for a run that turned into a walk-talk-catch up session. I forget how important it is to release all the things you worry/stress/think about in life to a friend/family member. I'm working on being less "I can fix it, no need to bore you with the mundane things in my life cuz I feel like it burdens others" and actually talk. Crazy concept right?

Note: baby snuggles do absolutely nothing by way of keeping your baby fever at bay, heads up :)

First trail run (for me) with Spring running group. It was maybe 30 degrees, the trail was frozen, and I'm pretty sure I conjured every horror movie scenario at one point - save for my over active imagination even though I was among no less than 70 people. I'm more likely now, having popped my trail cherry, to try again -- best believe though, trail running is not for the faint of heart, its hardcore. My legs were straight angry for the next four days. My kinda workout :)

Breakfast of champions and a great read. Kashi Truly Vanilla oatmeal packets are a great substitute for home made in a pinch/sheer laziness to cook.

My Story is a fascinating, yet disturbing read. The bravery she displays through the entire book carried through to the present left me in awe. And, to be honest, gave me nightmares. There are some awful people in the world.

Made it two chapters into What I talk about when I talk about running and half a chapter into May I be happy. Not my cup(s) of tea.

Read any good books lately? I'd love to add more to my list.

Made out like a bandit at Sams, as seen from the empty carton of just purchased, ripe, giant cylindrical fruit goodness.

Dear Sams, the FREE sample machine was out, and it broke my tiny black heart.  Please restock, soon. What's a girl got to look forward to in life sans surprise sample of the week? 

Mail. Literally one of my favorite things, in life. Send me mail, bonus points if its handwritten/home made, and we are best friends, forever.

I struggle with life meal planning in that I want to go all Martha Stewart and hand prep every meal, from scratch, with beautifully curated plates, and all the essentials: Lean protein, veggies, healthy fat, and whole grains. Then I realize there are 24 hours in a day and am left to improvise. With cheese quesadilla, and my favorite soup

Does anyone have any tips on home made meals without all the work and extra calories that won't strap me to my kitchen for two hours each evening? That, or come over and be my personal chef - pretty please?

HAD to have this sweater. Went to three Targets, and scoured the internet. Bought said adorable aztec sweater, two sizes too big, and was in love. Till I discovered a big ol' hole on the sleeve. Returned, not exchanged because said adorable aztec sweater flew off the shelves -- which leaves me deeply saddened. And chilly. 

What's better than a snack? A snack that is not yours. M bought ice cream - Mocha Almond something. Since I have the willpower of a addict I can't have that kind of stuff within a 30 mile radius, so when I found said contraband, I did what any red blooded American would do - make a healhy-ish snack. Fresh berries, scoop of stolen treat, topped with raw cocao nibs (in a 4oz. juice glass to keep me honest). 

Bless me father, for I have sinned. And it was delicious.

Do you ever "treat procure"? Please tell me I'm not the only one...

Tabata squats while one of my trainers looked on -- slave driver. 

Ever tried Tabata? Got any go-to workouts you wanna share? I've found these so far.

Pre run fuel: watermelon Amino Energy with loads of ice, Ezekiel bread, sunflower butter, half a banana, chia seeds. 

Entered the KT82 relay, sadly our team didn't make the cut. One day I'll run a relay, one day...

On a happier note, February mileage - 93.27, 2014 is shaping up to be my best (running) year, yet.

The #snackasaurus monster struck one day at work -- on a day I hadn't OCD packed my meals for the day. Trucked down to the vending machine at peace with the fact I was going to have a totally zero nutritional value snack that'd leave me hungry and regretting my choice in fifteen minutes. Then I saw this -- and thanked God and the vending machine people. First had these in a Klutchclub box -- super yummy, filling, and great for a snack. It literally tastes like a decadent chocolate milk, need I say more? You're welcome.

This guy recently celebrated a birthday. I really try to be mindful of people's tastes (that aren't the same as mine - thanks J, for the epiphany, 20 years later), so gift giving, something I truly enjoy, has given me the opportunity to listen deeper, anticipate desires, and get a little creative. So this year I'm really making an effort to be more mindful. And I must say, I knocked this one out of the park! Home boy has a green thumb and a penchant for all things gardening, so when he casually mentioned (months ago) wanting to go to West Elm to scope out their new terrariums (it is in the mall, a place he rarely frequents) I knew. Subtly "forgot" his request, and tucked that nugget in the back of my mind -- till his birthday. Snuck (ok not really) to the mall, purchased this gem, and left feeling all giddy inside. I even went succulent shopping and vowed "not to complain". That's love folks. 

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