A few of my favorite (things): March edition

Apr 9, 2014

food + drink

Baking cookies + home made cheez its, polenta pizza,  Irish cream cupcakes, brunch (here, here), blue corn tortilla chips, pancakes. All the pancakes.


Talk Dirty -- Jason Derulo

Can't Hold Us -- Pentatonix


DWTS, season 18

Escape Plan



My Story -- Elizabeth Smart


Attending an Oscars Party, National Pancake Day, Monday night group run (and my first visit to the Royale), seeing Pentatonix, running the Alton Half Marathon, beginning a Dale Carnegie course (more -- here), attending an "ok" nutrition clinic, only to get home and have an email from the company stating the class wasn't up to their standards, and offering me another one of my choice. Customer service slam dunk.

What are your March favorites?

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