Photo Diary: Chainsaw Sally

Apr 25, 2014

For those that follow me in Instagram, I posted this photo about a month ago. I finally convinced Mark I need a treadmill to keep my sanity train for races (and my upcoming 1st 26.2!). With him on shift work (aka bat sh$t crazy hours), and the fact our diva fur babies command you to feed and potty them on the regular, my running was taking a beating.  It was an extended winter, getting up at 5 am (to hit the gym) just wasn't consistent enough, and going after work cut into the already sliver small time slot we could see one other. So deliberation began, and after forty days and forty nights (dramatic much Marcia?) he conceded and I had a my treadmill ordered within 30 seconds of him agreeing and scheduled the exterminator to come (it was originally going to go in the garage). You think I'm kidding. Nope.

Then came the dreaded waiting game. Christmas for adults who love mail really. 

The day my treadmill was scheduled to arrive I worked from home, and after the delivery guy called to say he was on the way, did what any sane person would do, and waited, on the porch. Normal.

Sadly, it turns out the delivery company didn't "handle with caution", so when it arrived I refused delivery cuz the box was busted to all hell/pieces hanging out. It broke my tiny heart. 

Luckily the driver was a gem, and waited while I hyperventilated called Proform in case I/they had any questions. Within minutes my "busted" treadmill was refused, a new one ordered, and my shipping was upgraded (big shout out to the lady on the phone who I no doubt sob-talked to). 

Then the wait began, again. 
My inner thirteen year old squealed as the hoisted the treadmill up the stairs.  It was SO heavy. They were so nice. I took all the pictures.

Because I'm a hippie we only have reusable water bottles, so in a pinch I fancied a little treat for each guy -- Banana and a Quest Bar. Which is way better, I think.

Suspense was awful.  Less than handy -- I once knocked out my moms power with a chainsaw -- don't ask, I had to wait for adult supervision.  So I paced the floors till Mark came home from a work trip in Denver, and smile/demanded assembly begin, um -- now. 

One "could" have paid for a company to assemble it, but I'm cheap and after numerous assurances by Proform customer service you do not need a "Phd" to assemble, gifted Mark with the auspicious task. #girlfriendoftheyear

Patron saint of patience that he is, obliged, so I had the daunting task of part handler, radio dj, beverage cart attendant, and supervisor.  I know, I know, back breaking stuff. "you want the screwdriver shaped like a minus sign or a cross?" #buddingcarpenter

All the parts were snug as a bug inside the box -- speaking of, kudos to quality assurance, it took us a solid thirty minutes to get all the pieces out of the box/bubble wrap.  Attention to detail, my kind of folks. 

Treadmill mat from here (use a coupon!)

Assembling the legs got a smidgen tricky since its a whooping 231lbs, so we propped up parts using packing wood #genius #westillhaveallourdigits

Hydraulic system (for the running platform/storage) gave us a bit of a fit

Attaching the console was a beast connecting to the base and it was about this time (three hours in) that Mark called it a night and I poured a glass of wine to drown my half assembled sorrows till the next day. 

The next day it took us about an hour to finish assembly (four hours - 30 minutes for unpacking = 3.5 hours)

Isn't she beautiful? 

As you can see, she is housed in the spare room, not the garage after all #thankgod

Because I'm a nice person I bought ice cream to celebrate (dairy for him, dairy-free for me), cuz I had to go to Target for a surge protector anyway. #targetobsessed

The next morning I rose and took her out for a spin -- working on a name, right now its "Gina" thanks Jennifer :)

Of note: Had I included the other leg shot I took you'd be gazing at a massive patch of cellulite instead. You're welcome. 

The fan is brilliant, my iPad fits snug as a bug on the book rest, and the console is so fancy.

So much so I was pressing buttons and ended my run sooner than planned.  Oops. 

I've since read all the instructions, and figured out the buttons so my mid run abrupt stop doesn't happen again.  I also started using the emergency stop (clipped to myself) -- I called myself stealth running one am with headphones in (there is a super cool speaker you can plug your iPod/iPad into, but it was 5 am), when Mark comes up behind me and I almost flew off. I watch too many crime shows.  Plus it seems I'm not as feather footed as I thought. He says he "awoke to the the sounds of a street sweeper."  So real nice like I put a pair of ear plugs on his night stand. 

And, for your viewing enjoyment, a little movie montage :)

Overall Thoughts:
  1. Assembly was doable, take your time and pay attention to the instructions
  2. Lay out all your tools ahead of time
  3. Be super duper careful with the wires that you assemble, I read on a forum if you jacked with them too roughly can mess up your motor talking to your console
  4. Use two people to install the hydraulics -- slow tapping the pin out with a screw behind it worked best for us
  5. Use a surge protector so if the power goes out it doesn't affect your motor -- Target has them for $8.99 
  6. Have wine on hand, always. Some for moments of frustration, the rest to celebrate with
Everything works out in the end. Sometimes, even better.

Still debating getting a subscription to iFit, anyone use it? Thoughts? 
What shall I name the treadmill? Jennifer says "Gina", Mark says "Street Sweeper"

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