Photo Diary: (coffee) Bar Hopping

Apr 30, 2014

Sounds about right.

Ever since grad school, coffee and wine have been a mandatory staple, for my sanity. Since then I've been itching to hit up a coffee crawl, like a die hard.

Enter the Maplewood Coffee Crawl, a self guided tour replete with coffee samples, demonstrations, and live music.

I came. I saw. I drank lots o' coffee.

Snacked #snackasaurus

Made totally appropriate goggly eyes

Samples? Yes, please.

Doughnuts, from here -- because coffee without doughnuts is sacrilegious 

A little tea, for variety

(vegan) Chai, to be exact

Gratuitous selfies

More samples.  I'm no quitter

Carbs are our friends, friends

All the carbs. Just thinking seeing them makes my mouth water.

More samples.  Guess I'll have to purchase a coffee grinder now. Twist my arm.

(Side note: grinder has been purchased. Feign shock. And don't tell Mark)

Boozy tasting.  Potent stuff. My kind of coffee tasting.

Mood rock -- by far the coolest part. Of course I've forgotten the name. Crap.

The epitome of comfort. Argue me, I dare you.

Coffee, at a brewery? I'm not one to judge.

Post crawl-ing lunch.  To soak up all-that-coffee. Get the ghost pepper cheese. It will set your mouth on fire, in the best way possible. 

Ever done a coffee crawl?

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