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May 21, 2014

Dinner - here, I forgot how much fun Hibachi restaurants are, and brunch here. Ventured on foot with the hounds and Mark to Forest Park, them to walk, me to run. So hot, no water bottle. I've got to learn my lesson at some point, right? In other news the hounds swam for the first time -- it was adorable, but I was about to pass out from the heat and lack of water, so you gotta mental picture that one...

Signed up for the 5k Foam Fest -- use code: FF5216 when you register. I'm doing the 10:10 am wave, you should too!

Operation Lifesaver -- UP CARES train ride in Mount Vernon, IL

All the reflective gear...

Successfully gave a presentation whilst moving (backward), and not toppling over. Score. 

Why I wore cropped jeans and long socks, no one knows

Sign in the restroom at my favorite restaurant in Mount Vernon -- I just saw they are closing, NO!!!!!!!

Lunch, solo -- their bread is SO darn heavenly it was hard not to inhale the entire thing myself.

2/3 is totally one serving, no?

Treadmill movie watching -- recent flicks include Bye Bye Love and Aquamarine

Volunteered at Family Days for our sister RR -- the electrolyte packets were literally the coolest thing ever, and yes, I snatched a few for my purse. My great grandma is looking down from heaven smiling at that move

Blooms from my dude

Mi madre at Sports Banquet (for my sister). They gave her a crown (and demanded she wear it) for being the only parent to attend EVERY.SINGLE.GAME -- basketball, soccer, and volleyball.

Treated her to a movie on Mother's Day, The Neighbors. Probably not the best choice to see with your mom. 

Putting my new coffee grinder to work -- happy to report I've got my iced coffee prep on lock. (recipe coming soon!)

Gray running gear. Love the race tee from this race

Lots of these being made round these parts. Experimenting with coconut flour has finally paid off
(recipe soon!)

Coworkers wedding

Salt n' peppa

Deep thoughts

Rocking my new booties from DSW. Uber comfy, so sassy.

Lady lunching here, and here. The fried pickles, two ways, were the perfect pairing to our gabfest. Plus my friend patiently waits for my obligatory food shot before digging in. 

What have YOU been up to lately?

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