Everyday, Ordinaire

May 7, 2014

Its been awhile...since I've over-shared on life round these parts. Plus Jennifer pointed out I am SLACKING. Good thing we are related, I'd return her :) 

Enter "Everyday, Ordinare", a {new} weekly feature so you won't miss a thang. 

You're welcome.

Pressing news first -- I got a treadmill and saw Amy Schumer, live. Life, made.

Vegan cream cheese -- tangy and "cheezy"

New favorite grinder from Trader Joes -- goes on ever-y-thing. Literally. 

Mark asked I "dial back on the grinder action." Amateur.

Worth. Every. Penny.

Vegan pizza.  Crust was magic

Leaving the ortho -- mom is all smiles, little sis, not so much... #seethecrutches #blewoutherknee

Pentatonix concert was incredible

Hounds are ever growing (and naughty)

Attempted fruit-at-the-bottom yogurt. Yummy, surprisingly, but I won't make a habit of it. Fruit at the bottom, my heart will forever beat for Fage, ever since this trip when we first met.

Journey to a more efficient packer is going well. Practicing not over packing for France

Finally found it! 

So yummy, slightly spicy. Perfect for lunch

Latest obsession -- overnight oats

Shop my closet continues

Though I must admit I had to replace a few pieces (like my new dress?). Some of my Target dresses were a little too short for modesty after repeated wash-n-wear

Nailed a crown braid ala Pinterest

Obsessed with this milk post run.  Oh my...

While we are on the topic of addiction -- fro yo. I'm certain in the month of April I consumed above average, somewhat alarming amounts of fro yo. 

I have no regrets.

Tried out Prasino for a little lady lunch/day drinking, beautiful day on the patio, endless people watching, and the food -- heirloom tomato salad + mussels (to share). And wine, all the wine. 

Till I woke up on Easter morning covered in hives with swollen lips. 

Itchy town.

Never to be deterred, I rallied, showered and headed to Easter brunch with Mark -- here. Since I was doped up on Benadryl I did not take advantage of their bottomless mimosas.  But next time, its on.

Cut to the next day when I spoke with my allergist, and learned facial swelling is a sign of anaphalaxis -- oops. So the $300 (with insurance) epi pen I politely declined a few months back to the perplexed pharmacist at Walgreens "yeah, no you can keep that", should have been used. Double oops. 

Guess who got an epi pen??? 
(side note: there are coupons online to help defray the costs, saved me $100!)

Sadly for my taste buds, lucky for my life this gal can't have mussels for the next 90 days, after which I get yet another patch/blood test work up to see if I am, indeed allergic to mussels, shellfish, or just the Prince Edward island variety (more on my food allergies -- here). Stay tuned. 

Meanwhile, if you go out and there are mussels on the menu, have some for me, and send a photo...

Side-side story: I showed my family how to use said epi pen, and Mark asked if he could jam it in my neck.  Clearly he needs to lay off the medical dramas...

Mark hard at work tilling -- see how we have NO grass? Hounds tore-it-up

Yet another reason why we can't have anything nice

But for serious, they are the best (most times)

Rubin is even letting me hold photo shoots and test out my new iphone lenses. Miles, on the other hand...

Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Hot damn. Must make this at home

Speaking of coffee, went to a coffee crawl

The epitome of comfort, on a rainy day, when I took this class

Catching up with a dear friend/coworker at our annual staff meeting 

Gold sink at dinner (in the restroom, obviously). Where I had ALL the steak, here

Don't even like steak, but when in Rome...


And Rubin, because why not?

New lens ootd fun. 

Quote I LOVE from the Dale Carnegie class I'm taking (more on that soon!)

Comfy cozy ootd. 

Note to self: I need to tackle this room, stat

Girls Night Out during The Hill restaurant week, here. Petite courses (five I think), along with wine pairings, for $35?! Yes, please. Dying to try their new pop up too.

Bowling, after this race (recap Friday!)

Selfie taking before seeing "The Other Woman" -- hysterical. Granted this is after I got lectured (awhile back) on "waiting in the car when I pick her up from PT", versus "coming inside to wait for her in the lobby, like Mark does. Seriously. 

Yowza, if you made it to the end, make yourself a snack, you deserve it. 

What have you been up to lately? I want to know, tell me -- everything. 

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  1. Ok, have you used the Veggetti? Is it easy to use/work well? I saw it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, but was unsure about it. I've been wanting a gadget that makes "spaghetti" out of vegetables, so I'd love to hear how you like it!


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