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May 23, 2014

What's (been) cooking? All the food. Come me with may want to read this post on a full tummy. You have been warned.

Made Runner's World Hummingbird muffins for my sister to take on her senior trip last week.  A double batch, staying up double late to get finish them. Then realized she asked for granola bars. Beavis. They were a hit nonetheless. I really should work on active listening.

Quinoa, Sausage, Kale with grilled mushrooms on the side

Zero calorie sparkling water. DIG. Super yummy, just the sweetness I need to curb a craving.  Fairly certain I cannot pronounce any of the ingredients, so I've since stopped my mass consumption. But yowza, yum.

Tea with a pal, here. The rock sugar makes me feel so fancy and reminds me of this trip

Pal spent the weekend with us, so I do what I usually do -- cook all the food. Breakfast before she departed 

Tip: prep dough the night before

 I subbed whole wheat four to make English Muffins. So yummy, and filling. 

All the fixins for a fantastic breakfast sammie

Boom. Egg muffins.  I baked the eggs in the oven since mine never end up edible stove-top. There is a fine line between soft and burnt.  I'm working on it

Blue Corn Tortilla, Daiya Onion + Chive spread, Trader Joes' arugula, jalapeno sauce, Chicken patty

Irish Cream Cupcakes -- post, here

Baked cod, red potatoes with lots of this grinder, and spaghetti squash

Amy's white mac n cheese, meatballs (from Sams), veggies (added when the noodles are almost al dente)

Had a sweet craving

So I whipped up a new to me recipe because it didn't make a million cookies, Mark was out of town and I knew I'd eat if left alone

Peanut Butter Cookies

Not bad, not stupendous

Roasted cauliflower, palak paneer, sausage

Overnight oats. Obsessed. So obsessed.

Coconut Flour Bread grilled cheese

Silly easy to prepare


See what I mean

I'm addicted. And I've got Mark on them too

Chocolate Milk. The smooth, luxuriousness (is that word?) is so worth all the Vitamin D sized calories. 

So worth it

This foray, sadly

Though it began with such promise (onions + prosciutto)

Came with so many steps

And a ton of ingredients

That although it was fun to try something new (to me)

Just didn't add up to a match made in taste bud heaven. At all. Better than the wonder pot, but still no.  

Found both recipes on Pinterest and deleted them already, so no link. You're taste buds will thank me

With the season change, so has my coffee preference. But not after nailing cinnamon coffee -- so good no cream needed, the only black coffee I've liked to date.  Pulled my French Press out, and failed, big time my first try. I should have found a recipe instead of "guessing" on how to make iced coffee recipe. 

Thankfully I found a recipe that stuck

1/3 cup coffee grounds
1 1/2 cup water
add the french press, give a good stir, then place lid on top without pushing on the press. Store in fridge overnight. In the am, push down press, and viola. Iced Coffee.

Needless to say my new coffee grinder is coming in really handy...

My jaunt with mint iced coffee, was -- meh. 

Man I love have to have coffee

Genius. Fried pickles, two ways. Dipping sauce, mandatory

Ice Cream. Fro Yo. Basically anything vaguely related to the two

So Delicious wins as my new go-to, easy on my food allergic belly, and great flavors. Add cacao nibs and banana, well then you've got yourself a party.

With France on the horizon (less than THIRTY days, but who's counting?!), we have been juicing for dinner. 

I forgot how delicious fresh juice is, and how fantastic I feel. 

Smoothie for breakfast, whatever you want for lunch. Once Mark realized you couldn't eat a double lunch, juice and expect to slim down, we got into a groove. If he breaks my Vitamix though, I'll break his face. Woke with a jolt one (a few) mornings with him not adding liquid (i.e. burning the motor cuz it won't blend with only frozen fruit and ice -- blending 101). After my not-so passive aggressive statement of "oh my, sounds like i'm getting a new $700 blender today, he's heading common blending sense, and adding liquid. 

All the food from this class -- I really need to organize a dinner party asap

Lunch, here. Their salmon is always expertly prepared. I ain't mad. 

Burgers and fries, here. Mine is the massive burger. No judgments.

Also of note: zucchini noodles, Vietnamese iced coffee, americano's, fermented veggies, popcorn (have you tried this? YUM.) and lemon cake.

What have YOU been eating and cooking lately?

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