Rocco + Diane + Danielle: Book Worming it

May 28, 2014

Quite a few pages have turned round this neck of the woods.

It never fails, I devour health + wellness books like a moth to a flame -- you can never have too many culinary options in my onion.

I saw a clip from his segment on The View (?) and was intrigued.  Easy read, simple to follow advice, and, of course, lots of recipes. Take-way's were: creating calorie deficit and cutting portion sizes all while enjoying the process and finished product of cooking.

Paleo mystifies me, this book did a fantastic job de-mystifying. It limit fruits, which I could never do, my produce bill (alone) weekly is that to feed a family of four -- I love fruit that much. 

Touched on a powerful and deeply personal occurrence for me -- hangeroverdoing it on bad carbs and then your blood sugar is trying to make sense of things. Symptoms include feeling shaky, like you may pass out, sweating, and nausea

Full of fantastic recipes, guides on eating  out, condiment swaps, decoding sugar and readily available information on all things paleo.

Don't these lemon blueberry scones look divine?

After his capture (did he escape, again?!) I dove head first into this book after spending a full day googling him. So intriguing. Sadly, the book was written in a weird third person, every one has a nickname that is similar, so I toughed it out for a few chapters before I gave up. 

Fan of Kate, I grabbed this book at the library on a whim. While her upbringing and royal status is gripping, the book was written as told by others, reading more like a gossip column whos-who. Struggle bus-ed it through a chapter and returned. 

I know, I know, Paleo is quite the buzz word so I had to read another book on it. This one has a plethora of recipes, easy to read instructions, and swaps for grains in all the best ways -- comfort food anyone? I am pretty sure I broke the copy machine at work copying recipes to try.

Though I could never go Paleo -- there is FAR too much meat and eggs for my liking, the grain swaps are phenomenal and my allergy clad digestive tract is happy. 

After going Vegan for a week and this class I wanted to know all there was about Veganism and pondered the transition. Tori (thanks Tori!) recommended this book and it was perfect. A bit on the "science" side with history, facts, and stats, but nonetheless a thought provoking read.

With our trip to France fast approaching(!!) my meals look slightly similar to vegan before 6. Smoothie for breakfast, lunch of my choice, juice for dinner. Cutting out snacks completely, and since last week, I've eliminated grains/bread/starches to de-bloat  so I feel my best whilst frolicking on the beaches of the French Riviera. And eating all the croissants. 

Like Against All Grains, I straight photo copied my rear off, I really should have just bought the book. So. Many. Amazing. Recipes! I've tried a few to date, Hummingbird  muffins (twice, that good), and granola bars (twice. Literally melt in your mouth)

More, here

Since one has an arsenal of recipes, tried and true favorites and the like cluttering the bookshelves, I'm working on getting all my must haves onto the blog on the "Eat" page. Sharing is caring you know. 

Read any good books lately? 

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  1. I'm so glad you liked VB6! I am going to have to check out Against All Grain.


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