What have I gotten myself into?!

May 20, 2014

Challenge -- ha! 

I laugh in their faces. Until it is an obstacle race -- read the fine print Marcia. Yours truly gets the opportunity to face her fear, whilst covered in -- foam. Hey, if I'm going to face plant all over the course why not do so with foam reminiscent of my college frat party attending days. Man, those were the days. 

I digress.

A myriad of obstacles (sixteen!) and foam. All the foam.

If that isn't enough to send you running to register, in addition to this amazing experience you receive: a shirt, medal, and cocktail once you finish. 

Did you say cocktail?! I'm in.

So here's to stepping outside comfort zones and getting messy. 

Pray there are no broken bones, you know I'm clumsy.

Be sure to use code FF5216 when you register (any location!), and if you're doing the one in St. Louis, join me at the 10:10 am wave.

So you can join the fun (please!), or, sit on the sidelines and heckle me, whichever.

Feel free to share the code too, ain't no party like foam party...

In other news, 
the winner of the Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator is: 


I'll email you -- CONGRATS!

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