A few of my favorite things (May) edition

Jun 6, 2014

As you read this I'm road tripping to Kansas City to run the Hospital Hill 5k tonight and a Half Marathon Saturday. If your in KC/racing say hi! And pray the humidity stays at bay, oy.

food + drink

Veggie Burgers at Mokabees, Hibachi fun at Oishi, cafeteria delights at Jerry's

Lemonade Cake for belated Mothers Day celebration with mi madre and hermosas, Skillet cookie for GNO at my place, chocolate peanut butter "ice cream", juicing/smoothie madness, coconut flour bread, and mastering iced coffee


Problem -- Araiana Grande

She sang live on the DWTS finale, and I've been binge listening on repeat ever since. And, Maks + Meryl won!

I Choose You -- Sara Bareilles

Grown Woman -- Beyonce

{who says running on the treadmill isn't fun?}

Friends with Better Lives

Motive -- this show is in season two already (didn't realize it till two episodes in, haha), so I totally just bought season one to watch during our flights.


As part of my personal growth goal at work I enrolled in Dale Carnegie Effective Communications & Human Relations/Skills for Success course. It is eight weeks in length. Going in I was gung ho, and like anything new once I pulled into the lot the first night of class the butterflies abounded. There was nothing to be nervous about. Over those eight weeks I learned to acknowledge(!!) and manage my stress (large part due to my on call 24/7/365 career and the feeling of always being behind), demystifying the myth in my head everything on my to do list needed to be completed, NOW, thus leaving me at a (stress) perpetual level 12. Not shy (shocker), the exercises and assignments truly pushed me past my comfort zones and introduced me to some key tips (i.e. living in day tight compartments). Thankful pales in comparison. I am grateful for the opportunity that was given to take this class (paid for by work), meet some incredible new friends, and work on being the best (less stressed) version of myself. I highly recommend it. While the reading assignments each week are "lofty", the rewards are immeasurable.


Cardinals season is in full swing, and we have been fortunate enough to receive tickets and take friends -- there's nothing like the sights and sounds of a live game with friends. Move Live Tour with my aunt --wow, wow, wow. If ever I wanted to return to dancing, they sure made it look effortless.   My youngest sister graduated from High School, with honors! #proudsister

Have you signed up for Foam Fest yet?  I'm doing the 10:10 am group in St. Louis and am steadily recruiting friends and family, I'd love to see you there -- for those out of towners, the $5 promo code FF5216 works at all locations :)

What are some of YOUR favorites things from May?

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  1. That coconut flour bread recipe looks amazing - my husband has me cooking with coconut oil a lot more and I'm really starting to like it, so it may be time to give this bread a try! One of my favorite things lately is my new Garmin 620 running watch - I am loving that Garmin finally is making watches in some fun colors other than black! This one is white and orange and I'm completely obsessed.

    1. You must, its silly quick to make! And do share you coconut oil uses, I've only tried the spray and then I think once in a cookie recipe. Oh, and Sam's has a MASSIVE jar of it for $14!!! NEW Garmin, how fun! And the colors sound so fun, totally googling it now :) How are you feeling (sore wise) post race?


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