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Jun 30, 2014

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I'm back! From vacation that is. Miss me? So much to chat about -- Hospital Hill 5k + 13.1, getting engaged (!!) and, let's not forget France, it has been a surreal few weeks and I can't wait to pen out all every moment. 
  1. Will the sequel be released already? I. Cannot. Wait!
  2. My favorite reality show is back for a new season and day/time. Not sure how I feel about it on Friday vs. Sunday (I had a Sunday routine that included this show and prepping for the week), but I'll be watching nonetheless!
  3. They are coming out with a cookbook? I'll be patiently/impatiently awaiting it
  4. Food ideas to pack for a flight -- totally digging the snacks/sweets options
  5. Post race recovery -- to recover, or not to recover
  6. I hope to run with passion well into my nineties like her
  7. The ever present desire to pen calligraphy -- I will succeed someday, soon hopefully
  8. Home made shaving cream? Sold. 
  9. Because you can never have too many baking tips, ever
  10. Melissa McCarthy is just the best. That is all 

What are YOU musing about this Monday?
Be sure to tell me if you link up in the comments, I can't wait to read yours :)

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