A few of my favorite things (June) edition

Jul 25, 2014

June, in my humble opinion, was quite a chart topper. So. Much. Awesome.

food + drink

Lunch with a friend at Sauce on the side, Edgewild for a friend's birthday, picking up sweets at Diana's bakery, Tortilla Soup at Seasons 52, and brunch at Half n Half where I had the yummiest chorizo breakfast tacos (above).  That sauce, divine. 

Plus everything I ate in France, but that's a whole other post of awesome coming soon.

Kitchen creations ceased this month due to France and the "make a meal of whatever you find in the fridge/freezer before we leave, we are not grocery shopping".  Basically a whole lot of random.


Come Get It Bae -- Pharrell 



I'm officially caught up. I bought Season 1 to watch whilst traveling to/from France, worked like a charm. 

Gosh I'm addicted to this show! 



Hitting up a cards game, running my first back-toback race at hospital hill, seeing the flaming lips in concert, our trip to France (I promise, post coming soon!), our engagement (!!), and signing up for a month of Bikram Yoga.

What are some of YOUR favorite things from June??

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