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Jul 14, 2014

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  1. My favorite crime show is adding a new series regular (who has never ever guest starred on an episode?!) which gives me an unsettled feeling like this new season is gonna be a big fat flop. #sadday
  2. I LIVE to travel and explore. Like countdown to my next trip kinda love. But the reasons TO travel still ring true.  Bottom line? Just do it.
  3. Hysterical (yet long) diatribe about Hot Yoga -- hilarious
  4. Rising in the am has gotten, worse since France. If that is even possible. So I'm pulling out ALL the stops -- setting (a combo of)  my iPhone alarm, Pandora alarm (this one is freaking awesome and I find myself letting the music play whilst I get ready, a morning dance party never hurt anyone), and wake up dialer. The madness must stop -- with Summer here and blazing am runs have to happen.  Plus being on time (or dare I say early!?) to work needs to make a return, stat. Pray this works, I'm sure Mark will love my alarm clock jenga. Certain.
  5. It pains me to no longer have a summer vacation -- oh adulthood...
  6. Entertaining tips -- which reminds me, we are LONG overdue for a party at our house
  7. Trader Joe's is easily one of my favorite grocery stores -- I can totally relate to #2, 6, 8 and 17
  8. Fantastic vacation video -- I videoed France (my first video foray), and I must admit, it totally juxtaposes the trip in a spectacular way, can't wait to share them, soon :)
  9. I'm not certain if this new dating show is incredibly creative, or just a ratings ploy. Regardless I'm gonna watch.
  10. Nine ways women become better women. Amen.
  11. Brilliantly written, post on "Letting God Lead". Chills. Splendid reminder, indeed, along with this one on witnessing, and this one on competition.
  12. How dang cute are these J.Crew bracelets?! I die. And, metal allergy friendly #winning

What are YOU musing about this Monday?
Do you have trouble rising? Please tell me I'm not alone. 

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