Photo Diary: Food Truck Friday

Aug 6, 2014

Summer, the time for ice cream, picnics, and -- Food Truck Friday.  

A delicious outdoor fete in Tower Grove Park replete with live music, picnic blankets, and community. 

Mark wanted a gyro -- hint: he ALWAYS wants a gyro (I got him a classic -- beef + lamb)

Go Gyro Go, I went. With a glass of wine, because hello, lines. Hydration is key. 

Lines were long, its a super popular event, and yours truly was wearing a maxi dress.  Also known as the worlds easiest way to have a heat stroke. 

Next stop was food for me, a snack for the hounds. 

I choose Lulu's, obviously.

Bonus, Lauren remembered me and gave us the hounds baguette for free. #itsthelittlethings

Loaded nachos, for the win.  

Sweet potato chips + jalapeno + soy chorizo + nacho cheese. I died and went straight to heaven.

Finger licking, mandatory.

Considering how busy it was, the hounds did fairly well. Minus Miles eating a part of Mark's cupcake (Sarah's Cake Stop) not ten seconds after he proclaimed, "SEE they are behaving."

Once she got cozy being in the midst of all the people, Rubin got comfy and people watched. #shegetitfromhermama

That's a Mark version of a smile in case you're wondering. #engagementpicturesaregoingtobeablast

And, no picnic is complete without a photo of Hannah after she thoroughly enjoyed all the icing off a cupcake.

Good times had by all. The heat and lines paled in comparison to great friends, food, and a picnic.

Gosh I love summer.

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  1. Your food truck dining looks so much more sophisticated than ours. Everyone just mills around and eats on the street curbs. We look like a bunch of hobos eating our last meal.


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