Djv5k: The Results

Sep 15, 2014

Way back when (two months ago), I signed up for a virtual 5k, laid the gauntlet and got all serious like.

Rose at stupid o'clock to log miles.

It's not real unless you have a sweaty selfie to prove it. 

Behind the curtain time -- my leg shots are because, hello, I'm either in a garish mismatch of dirty laundry, and/or have yet to do anything with my hair.  

You don't have to thank me, I know how frightening I look in the morning, and I quite enjoy having friends.  

You're welcome.

Best believe I have no regrets with my trusty schedule of rising, throwing on clothes in the dark, and hopping on my treadmill.  Not to be rivaled by coming home, throwing on clothes and hopping on the treadmill.  If I'm not in public 9 times out of 10 I resemble a homeless person.

Gotta get moving before my brain figures out I'm running while its still bedtime.

Whatever works, right?

August was a I'm-on-top-of-the-world month -- I went to Ireland (running along Irish hiking trails is the best way to snap an ankle, fyi, holy soft grass batman), and logged, wait for it... 

124.03 miles.  

I shocked myself and did the math, twice. 

Ireland recap soon, promise.  Although I've yet to finish France, and that was in June. Baby steps Marcia...

Virtual 5k morning it was a bit of a cluster of events.  Mark is sick, so -- he's dyyying. Insert endless requests (three) and frequent check-and-make-sure-he's-breathing trips.  Then there were the hounds, who couldn't fathom why their perpetual play toy was resigned to the couch with a blanket over his head.  So they did what they do best, and pestered him/caused a ruckus.  

Whilst letting them play the rousing game of inside/outside/inside the house, I made him sustenance, jammed a half pb+j down my throat, told him to "hang on from deaths (a cold) grasp", and I'd be back in twenty.

Ran upstairs, hopped on the treadmill. My goal -- to beat my current PR of 28:58. First split was a tad slow for goal pace at 9:30ish, so I upped the pace after each mile, which lead me to...


Captain of all obvious, my goal wasn't met. buuuut, I had a blast training for and running a virtual 5k.

Look ma, I did it!

See also, my hair -- that had not be touched. Ford models, I'm waiting...

Because I'm the party of all partiers, I logged the rest of my long run (20 miles), caught up on my shows, and met my mileage (41 miles) for the week.  

Happy dance.

After all the progress, it was time to celebrate.

With a trip to (new-to-me) Costco (which is the same as Sam's in my opinion) and mountains of tacos.  

I was in bed, passed out before 9pm.

P-A-R-T-Y animal.  

I'm a wild one.

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  1. Whoop whoop! 20 miles? You're my hero. For real. After 3.1 I was done. And then ate all the ice cream.
    Costco and Sams = same thing. Nailed it.
    Way to knock out some serious miles, lady!!

  2. 20 miles?! You're a rock star!! I was spent after the 5K and then ate pizza and beer and other yummy things :) Way to knock out some serious training!! Thanks for joining us!


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