Everyday, Ordinaire: September

Oct 29, 2014

Curses, time gets away from me. I have soooo much to talk about, but for now, the highlights will have to do. This oversharer needs time to fully word-vomit all the minutia going on around these parts. 

Like my first 22 miler with this gal, going to the Spoon concert, and trying out new recipes.


Coffee (duh), snacks, and quality time with a Ginger.

Share the same name, which mean we will be friends for-e-ver. Fact. Pals since middle school and still going strong... I heart her.

Battling whatever it was that is going around (isn't there always something?!), where I wanted nothing but all the fruit and hot tea. Praise God for a Zpac.

Women Rock Half Marathon

Bachelorette Bash,
 an epic weekend of even EPIC-ER (yep, not a word) proportions

Dinner with Ginger. Must remember to steal those placemats...

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