I want lace, something with straps and no pouff

Oct 31, 2014

I'll be the first to admit, I'm somewhat (totally) of an anti bride. No muss, no fuss. Having said that, there were two things I was jump-up-and-down excited for (after finding the groom): wedding cake and dress shopping. 

Enlisted the company of some lovely ladies (with the middle child phoning in for play-by play) at The Ultimate Bride.

To keep things light and fun I made scorecards for everyone:

(1) you're more beautiful than Cinderella, you smell like pine needles and your face is like sunshine <----name that movie

(2) Bye Felicia

(3) maybe

L to R: Jaleesa (baby sister), Ginger, Lauren, Amie, Me, Elise (my mom), Debra (Mark's mom), Angie, and MaryAnn

Packed a cooler full of bubbly, as did each of my friends (we SO get each other -- shout out to MaryAnn who brought sparkling lemonade for my underage baby sis), because hello. Champagne. 

Ginger says, "everyday is a celebration, that deserves Champagne." 

Or something like that.

So, there we are, the loudest, most opinionated group of females north of the mason dixon (side note: google mason dixon line), plus booze.  

Good times, good times had by alllll.

How we didn't get escorted out was beyond me...


Dress #1 

This photo really doesn't do justice -- one shoulder, fun, and flowy.

Jennifer said (via phone), "it looks like they stopped trying and made the dress out of the lining"


Meek child, that middle one...

Dress #2 

Ruched goodness, Form fitting without being over the top, and a sweetheart neckline.

Dress # 3

Delicate lace, satin, and the sweetest of necklines. 

If ever I had a say-yes-to-the-dress-cliche, this was it. Ever the realist, the price (couture, if that gives you an idea) was a bit more than I had hoped even as a sample.

Side Note: to all you brides getting married sans long engagement (ours is five months), sample (sale) dresses, they are your friend. Who knew it took months to create a wedding/bridesmaid dress, I assumed there was a vault hidden in a mountain with aisles and aisles of tulle... 

Left (semi) empty handed, with a newfound love for strapless gowns (I was adamant against the idea at first cuz I've got shoulders like a linebacker), a seamstress (the dress consultant, an amazing gal named Aurora), and a wonderful afternoon spent with my closest friends, sisters, and our mothers. 

 I'm grateful to be surrounded by such amazing women.

The effort of traveling from near and far and giving up their afternoon to watch me prance in taffeta was not lost -- so I had these cookies custom made and hand wrote thank you notes. 

Buzzing from my 1st dress shopping experience (it was what princesses feel like everyday, I'm certain of it) I pressed on, though I got quite discouraged when I saw myself in this little number at shopping trip numero dos.

Not to be swayed, forward I marched. right into Simply Elegant Bridal where I swooned over this dress. 

A bit formal for the look I was trying to achieve, I left without that satin perfection convinced "my" dress would come along.

And boy, did it. 

That moment, when you feel light as air, a grin from cheek to cheek and can't stop staring at yourself.  I got to experience that, and my word, what a feeling.

-the future Mrs. Piper
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  1. Your entourage looks and sounds like a blast! Plus, champagne. Well played!
    Eeeep! You look fabulous in each and every dress! I can't wait to see "the one"!!

  2. I loved this post! Not gonna lie, I definitely got chills at the end. #prettiestbrideever

  3. 1) Love this post.
    2) It's amazing I have friends.
    3) There were cookies!?!?!?!


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