I'm bringing sexy back...

Oct 24, 2014

So here I am, four days post marathon(!), t-minus 37 days until I go from "Ms. to Mrs." and it goes without saying I'm determined to feel and look my best.  So I'm going home to Tracy Anderson, where my journey (and Y29) began.

My goal, to get back here (photo circa NYE 2011/2012, weight around 120's) where I felt my best.


Since I began running/racing I've all but (read: utterly and totally ditched) abandoned cross training, hence the sad state of affairs on every-inch of my person, save for my legs. 

 Cleaning up my diet, actually working on my core and whittling down my bat wings are on the list. 

Add in my voracious "runger", and...

Shit just got real. 

Since its not real until its documented in all its fleshy glory, before shots. At some point I'll take the time to learn how to use the remote I had-to-have, use better lighting, and, and, blurry goodness.


Height 5'2
Weight 134.6 (as of 10/22/14)

The Plan is to go back through Tracy Anderson Boot Camp (previous experience, here), continue with Tracy Anderson Continuity (Abcentric), running (I have a 5k on November 8th), along with whatever fitness adventures I can cram into every-single-moment of my everyday life. 

I'll also be chronicling every-single-morsel on My Fitness Pal. Be my friend, puh-lease???

So if you pass me on the street and I'm doing squats/lunges/calf raises waiting to cross the street, stop and say hello.

Every ten days I'll take photos and  new measurements, plus blog/journal/overshare semi daily (is that even a word?) about my fitness shenanigans.  

Hang on to your hats, I'm bringing sexy back...

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  1. A few things::
    A) so freaking proud of youe full Mary completions!
    B) I think you look fab now
    C) but, I'm cheering you along on your new(ish) fitness journey!
    D) 37 days - whaaaat?!!


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