A few of my favorite things (Octobber) edition

Nov 18, 2014

food + drink

All things green/red chile in Santa Fe, the Elote corn, here, a righteous first pour over experience here, stellar indian meal at Haveli, lunch at Urban Chestnut (hearty green salad was on.point), and a coffee date at Northwest Coffee.  

October was a top notch month on all things food it is sooo hard to choose.. 

From my kitchen: Sriracha Chicken and Cheesy Cauliflower.


Run -- Nicole Scherzinger


Marry Me


Gone Girl


Running MO Cowbell half,  my first marathon, taking the hounds to the dog park (I'm totally a helicopter, btw), celebrating three years of blogging, traveling to Santa Fe and Detroit.

Finding out I'm not allergic to shellfish -- PRICELESS.

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  1. No shellfish allergies? Your life may have just become complete. :)
    Gone Girl - did you love??


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