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Nov 28, 2014

You guys, I'm getting married in nine days. NINE. Where did the last five months go?! Twenty fourteen has been the wildest ride yet, and while I still have SO much to share (Ireland, my 1st marathon, Santa Fe, to name a few), sanity prevails at this point -- in due time, pinky promise.

A few weeks ago my friends threw me a bridal shower. The theme -- Lingerie.  Yep, they get me, and the sad fact I'm perfectly content with all my flannel and old race shirts as pajamas. But, since we both had fully furnished living spaces, the thought of one more blender, bowl, drinking glass, or tea towel made us teeter on the verge of insanity.

Exaggerate you not, we have THREE couches. And that is just the tip of our (non) bachelor pad of dog hair and ridiculousness. Now that we've decided to keep one another for-e-ver, I've been purging anything not nailed down in the hopes our storage facility/home, will one day resemble a normal living space. With one couch. 

Dreaming big.

Plus I really don't want to be on an episode of Hoarders.

Remember my Rent the Runway order gone awry from my Bachelorette weekend? My account was credited, the virtual cash-money was burning a hole in my hot little hands with the thought of no logical excuse to rent a designer gown anytime soon, then -- ah! My bridal shower. It was kismet.  Or, as Mark calls it, "my inability to budget and obsessive need to receive packages in the mail."  Whatever. 

This Lily Pulitzer dress was a stunner. Appropriate for the occasion, fit like a glove, and... lace. Paired with pink heels and I was a force to be reckoned with. In my own mind.

The shower was held at Amie's new mini mansion which she decorated within an inch of her life. Move-over-Martha...

Food -- everything from nibbles to pasta salad, champagne, and dessert. All the dessert. The pasta salad was such a hit my grandma begged for some to take home. 

Speaking of grandma, isn't she cute?

Game time, where I'd trade Mark in a New York minute for Channing Tatum, but, if he's busy, David Beckham...

How adorable is Harper?! Those. Cheeks.

Lauren (photo above) crafted this fantastic wreath for the shower (on Amie's front door) then gave it to us as a gift -- its perfect. And far superior to any DIY I've ever attempted and left half constructed, in the basement. So creative that one...

Gift opening was -- awkward-hysterical with a splash of "sorry grandma". It was epic. I now have zero excuse to wear solely Victoria Secret free undies (anymore), and so much lingerie I could probably be on the cast of Fifty Shades of Grey. 

Each gift was given a name, the crowd favorite -- "Boom Boom Room." An outfit straight from the movie, Burlesque I'd wear in public if it wasn't considered indecent exposure. 

And thats all I'm going to say about that, before I far surpass TMI...

(L to R): Ginger, Maryann, Amie, Hannah, me, Harper, Lauren, Angie
These ladies -- the women I've known since ninth grade, experienced everything from my first cigarette (Angie when we studied abroad -- also, we didn't do it right and never smoked again), first love, heartbreak, cross country moves, standing beside them on their special days, and everything in between. 

I've said it time and time again -- It really is a blessing to be surrounded by so many strong women who I'm proud to call friends.

Thank You. From the depths of my heart, for fetting Mark and I with so much love.

And lingerie. 

Yep, TMI.

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