Fall TV; the good, (so) bad, and the just plain hysterical

Nov 11, 2014

This fall has brought back many of my favorites, along with some new shows, some I loved instantly, others I'm still uncertain of. 

The Amazing Race -- love, forever and ever, Amen

Criminal Minds -- hesitant J Love would eff up my favorite show, pleasantly surprised she's holding her own. For now.

The Millers -- that could be my mom in ten years...

Homeland -- first few episodes were slow, but the season is shaping up quite nicely. Last week I death gripped the couch through a scene...

Dancing with the Stars -- still no season favorite, but my dance obsessions are: Sadie's (above), Janel, Alfonso, Tommy, Bethany

Revenge -- slow first episodes, with the recent jeti mind trickery. Its bliss.

-- New --

Madam Secretary -- I heart Tea Leoni. 

Cristela -- hilarious 

How to Get Away with Murder -- I tried, really I did. Meh, pass.

Selfie -- hysterical, so fresh and fun

Mysteries of Laura -- not a must see, but I just love Debra Messing

Benched -- if the pilot says anything about a season, I'll be laughing uncontrollably...

Marry Me -- I've seen the opening scene no less than ten times. And now I'm going to watch it again, because -- comedic gold. Fairly certain the female main character is based on my life.

A to Z -- meh. Not sold. 

Manhattan Love Story -- started of promising, but again, not sold. 

What are some of your favorite shows?

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  1. I feel the same about Jennifer Love Hewitt on Criminal Minds. I'm coming around to the idea of her on the show :) Also, I have been loving Scorpion & NCIS: New Orleans. Gotta love those crime dramas!


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