Glute Involvement (Boot Camp -- Days 1-5)

Nov 5, 2014

Day #1 (October 22nd)
Take photos, measurements (more HERE)
Soreness: post marathon pain (all normal, L. knee pain is gone(!)) minor tightness in quads, feet super tender
Workout: Mat, 20 reps -- R. side before dinner/movie, rest after we got home

Day #2 (October 23rd)
Soreness: glutes
Workout: Mat, 20 reps and Bikram class, 90 minutes

Day #3 (October 24th)
Soreness: all over ache, exhaustion (post work hour nap was MUCH needed)
Workout: Mat, 25 reps

Day #4 (October 25th)
Soreness: none that I remember
Workout: Mat, 25 reps

Day #5 (October 26th)
Soreness: glute tightness (minor)
Workout: Mat, 30 reps

The moves are familiar, but tough -- my glutes begging for mercy after each set. The core work is a welcome soreness, the fluff is shedding and dare I say almost flat again?! 

Nutrition: Diligently logging away on My Fitness Pal; weight is slowing coming down, though it's partially loss of muscle tone from not running, but decreasing nonetheless. Hit a bit of a plateau over the last few days, so my plan is to amp up a little, adding in some more mat work (continuity dvd)/running/Bikram/etc. 


Hey there day #6...

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