Bootcamp days 11- 18 and a three day pre-wedding juice cleanse, all the week before Thanksgiving

Dec 23, 2014

You guys. Why did no one tell me the week(s) leading up to your wedding are there-is-no-time-to-sleep-brain-overload-this-is-not-a-drill craziness?! As I waxed on unpoetically about my workout goals while surest of sure's you chuckled at my naivete.

 Lesson, painfully learned. 

Pro tip: Future brides, start your to do list item, goals, etc one month (no, two!) earlier than you think you should. Thank me later.

My fitness cry for help went fantastic at first: 1-5, 6-10. Then, things got trickier than a magician. Instead of not making plans since we had wedding logistics to suss out, we were all "yes to every invitation cuz we are just getting married, we got this." 

We didn't "got this". 

Thankfully enough for us slow learners, we began saying "no" as wedding week drew closer, giving us time to strategize, sleep (crazy, I know), and keep that last modicum of sanity I clung to like the finest of pearls.

For shits and giggles, below is my valiant attempt to, "have it all". Feast. 

November 1st
Rest day

November 2nd
Rest day

Day #11 (November 3rd)
Boot Camp 40 reps, planks 20/30/30 secs each, mini trampoline workout (7:30)

Day #12 (November 4th)
Boot Camp 40 reps, plank 35 secs

November 5th

Day #13 (November 6th)
Boot camp 40 reps, plank 40sec

Day #14 (November 7th) 
I forgot to start days 11-20, so better two days late than never, right?
Boot camp 20 reps

November 8th
Mustache Dash 5k

Day #15 (November 9th)
Bootcamp 20 reps, planks 45/45/50 secs each

Day #16 (November 10th)
Bootcamp 20 reps

November 11th

November 12th

November 13th

Day #17 (November 14th)
Planks 60/60/70/80, bootcamp 20 reps, sprints 5/8 mph (10:00)

November 15th
Walk (1:15:00)

November 16th
Sprints (10:00)

Day #18 (November 17th)
Bootcamp 30 reps 

November 18th
Planks 90 secs

November 19th
Planks 1m45s

November 20th
Sprints 1.0 incline (10:00)

On top of all that bass, I decided I wanted to get in a juice cleanse before the wedding (cuz, why not!) so I turned to Kaeng Raeng, a full on juice cleanse wherein I had to juice each meal would lead me straight to the roof to jump, and paying for a juice cleanse is just -- budget. Alas, compromise. With Kaeng Raeng you have the freedom to mix the packets with water/juice and add fruit/veggies to make smoothies making it easy peasy when i'm on the road for work/running wedding errands, plus eat as much raw fruit/veggie as you want. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. My last go round I didn't drink enough water (like it tells you) and quit 2.5 days in due to headaches and cramps. Drink your water kids. More on my deep affinity for juice cleanses, here.

Day -- One
November 21st 

7:30a juju (blueberries, 1/2 banana, 32oz h2o), green tea
11a carrots 
12p banana
2p final 1/3 juju from that am
3p pear
5p joy (coconut water, pineapple, 24oz h2o)
Smooth move tea

Day -- Two
November 22nd 

10a grapes
1p carrots
2p daybreak (16oz h2o, 1/2 banana, strawberries)
5p grapes 
7:30p pear
11:30p Apple 

Day -- Three
November 23rd

8:30a joyful (berries, pineapple, h2o), mint tea
11:45a banana 
1:30p pear
4:30p grapes, radish (1), tomato (with salt + pepper)
8p edamame (with salt)

I always feel ten times better giving my body a reset from time to time. And hey, a little weight loss doesn't suck either.  This time round I lost 2.6 pounds without working out (not because I didn't want to, I just didn't plan my days properly) -- before photos here, and as for measurements, well, I had grand plans.  I measured before (and now can't find it), and forgot to measure after.  Oops. 

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