Monday Musings

Dec 22, 2014

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  1. On perfection
  2. How to correctly pluralize last names -- I've been botching this forever, gah!
  3. Christmas cookies, ranked worst to best. My faves are: 1,5,8,10,13
  4. What TV sitcom stars look like now -- blast from the past!
  5. On cheat meals -- neat read.
  6. Quotes from the movie, Elf.
  7. Evolution of the LBD. Kerry Washingtons dress = my idea of amazing
  8. I want, no NEED to be a part of all of these holiday desserts.
  9. Kate Plus 8 is BACK!
  10. 80's (toys) flashback. Fairly certain we had: 1,2,3,8,9,11,13,14,15,18,19,25,26,29

What are YOU musing about this Monday?

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