Monday Musings

Dec 8, 2014

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  1. Never give up on your dreams. So inspiring! 
  2. Obsessed with this dress.
  3. Oodles of divine slow cooker recipes I want to be a part of. (thanks, to my HUSBAND)
  4. It's (girl scout) COOKIE time! This time, with a digital twist. This could be dangerous for my waistline...
  5. 27 facts about the movie Christmas Vacation. Such a holiday classic.
  6. Sage marathon training advice I wished had made it way into my life pre October 19.
  7. Tis the season for hot cocoa. Am I excited? Understatement.
  8. How to steam clean your microwave -- let's face it, cleaning it, period is long overdue.
  9. The men of instagram. Hysterical.
  10. Santa, Baby. It's fantastic and down right awesome. (thanks Jennifer!)

What are YOU musing about this Monday?

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