Newlyweds: One Month

Dec 29, 2014

Nothing, yet everything has changed. Not my last name (as of yet), but that is a whole other to do list of drama I'm blissfully ignoring for the time being. 

Marriage for me was something I had prayed for (valiantly) since my (early) twenties, to be in a relationship where we brought out the best in one another, had the courage to tell the other person when they were being a jerk, and enough love to mentally move a mountain.  I am thankful I've found my person. 

The hopeless romantic that I am had all these ideas of grandeur -- think romantic comedy, but without the compromise.  Guys, compromise is HARD. I struggle with it each day, over the most minute of details. I'm a work in progress. Pray for me.

Looking back over the last thirty days we have learned a lot (more) about one other, found comfort in our differences, laughed over the silliest of things, and even (finally, and by the grace of God) agreed on a honeymoon. 

Little known fact(s) -- we went on two first dates. Long short (semi) story -- we met, planned a date, and I got called out for work and had to cancel. Twice. So, he thought it was only fair we went on two first dates (which he refers to as "part one, and part two").

We got engaged right before our trip to France this summer because he was planning to surprise me and elope there. Darn French government and their rules (their residency requirement is 21 days).

Mark wanted a (big) wedding. I wanted to elope. 

Everyone chooses (and has the right) to celebrate differently, and for us, the underlying theme of our opposing schools of thought was "family". So we compromised on an intimate wedding, with no bridal party, where we could really savor each guest and celebrate those small moments. 

Guests: our parents, grandparents, siblings, and of course, our dogs, Miles and Rubin

First look: the staircase in our home

Ceremony: it was extremely important to me for the hounds to be a part of our day. which lead us to outdoor venues, close to our home (they get wicked car sick). Tower Grove Park (at the ruins) was the idyllic choice, and held special meaning to us as we have spent copious hours there. Our family went ahead of us and set up -- even going as far as making a path for us in paving stones because it was muddy. Thanks Emily!

Transportation (to/from the ceremony): on foot. We loved the idea of  spending our last single moments walking together. 

Officiant: Mark's aunt, Robyn. She knows us best as a couple and got officiated just for us.

Photography: since we choose not to have friends present at the ceremony, we opted for one of my closests friends sister, Kate (they are both super talented photographers), who did our engagement session as well.

Video: cameo app + my sister Jennifer. I'd began using this app on our trip to France and love the way it captures memories.

Flowers: the florist Mark gets me flowers from, and we incorporated succulents because a) he loves to garden and b) what better memory to have of your wedding than a plant to grow with you.

Hound duty: my sister Jaleesa, with a bag of treats. 

Hound flowers/bow tie: my sister Jennifer, she outdid herself, and up until yesterday, Rubin was still rocking her flower.

Dress: my all time favorite brand, J. Crew + alterations by Aurora, whom I met when we went wedding dress shopping.

Undergarments: a bridal shower gift

Wedding Bands: where he got my engagement ring, and where our friend used to work

Stationary: again, Jennifer. She probably has carpal tunnel from us.

Hair: my mom, who has been my beautician my whole life (no trial run)

Make up: my  close friend, MaryAnn (no trial run)

Wedding Jewelry: earrings,  a gift from Mark our first Christmas

Cake + Champagne: one of my favorite bakery, and his namesake champagne

Cake Knife: my parents, from their wedding

Cake Stand: family friend, a gift from her wedding

Dinner: private room, special menu at one of our favorite French restaurant in the city

Brunch: the next day at our home with our family and close friends/coworkers. I made banana bread, and catered the rest from a local coffee shop.

Our engagement was five months long, and while it had moments that overwhelmed me so much it took my breath away, it was everything I'd ever dreamt it would be and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to experience that season of life.

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