Photo Diary: Mustache Dash

Dec 3, 2014

At some point during my STL-DFW-SAF-DFW-DET-STL journey, Amie and I signed up for the Mustache Dash 5k, and I'll be honest, I totally forgot about it post marathon (which I'm recapping at some point in my life I swear!) in addition to conveniently forgetting about rest days that follow a race. 


When I left the house that morning Mark just shook his head.  Probably because he knows I'm accident prone -- my feet and knees were super angry after Detroit, and, well, he doesn't want to push my wheelchair. Which is totally selfish, I'd do it for him. 

Ok, that's a lie, I'd hire someone.

Race day came and boy was it brisk! Thankfully we dressed warm.

I'm not familiar with the area so it was a nice change, there was plenty of roadside support. It was small so it felt quaint, like a big group run. 

We took turns pushing the B.O.B (stroller, not adult toy) and holy smokes, that is a workout in itself! Thankfully no PR's were being reached for, so we took our time, really enjoyed ourselves, and before we knew it, we were at the finish (results + photos)

Full disclosure: my knee did start bugging me a bit, so there was some walk/run action, but really I'm goofball for running so soon after Detroit when I knew my body wasn't quite ready.  And, at some point, I should go to the doctor. Maybe. 

A few minutes later it was time for Hannah's running debut.

Twas, by far, the cutest thing I've ever seen, (VIDEO). 

What a fun way to wrap up my 2014 race season (11 races) -- 3 fun runs, 2 5k's, 5 half marathons, 1 marathon.

Twenty Fourteen was a great (race) year.

Heres to 2015, where I've got some pretty lofty (yet attainable) race goals. 

After an extended, long over due rest from all things race nutrition and training,
 of course ;)

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