A few of my favorites (December) edition

Jan 21, 2015

food + drink

So.Much. Food.  Favorites are denoted in parentheses.

House of Wong, Peacemaker (crab), Black Thorn (pizza), Crepes Etc (preztelmon roll + Central West End), Favazza's, Bristol (lobster cobb salad + lobster bisque), Sugarfire, Eleven Eleven Mississippi (Lobster BLT -- shown above), Scottish Arms (Duck Hash), Clementines Ice Cream (Bourbon Kentucky Pie)


Bruno Mars -- Uptown Funk


Benched -- Clutch the pearls! Season one ended with a bang. I miss it already...


The Honest Toddler -- hilarious. Only read about 1/3 before my attention span wore off, but for those with children, maybe you'll stay to the end.  Regardless, its worth a try. 


Sleeping, HARD after our wedding week after the last guest departed (It took me a good week to recuperate from all the fun). Baked a cake for my mom's birthday and surprised her at work. Spent the day in my car with Mark working my way up north to visit his family for the weekend.  Seeing Mockingjay with Jaleesa, having Ginger over for dinner. A slumber party with Angie, Miles getting sick (boo), and celebrating the New Year by staying in, cooking together and playing phase 10.

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