Everyday, Ordinaire

Jan 8, 2015

After a whirlwind wedding week, this is what December looked like

Open road.

Wheelchair relaxing.

Crab at Peacemaker

When this gal is in town, my husband just shakes his head -- our slumber parties ROCK. We stay up way past our bedtimes and giggle like school girls. 


Granola that is bananas good. And, gluten free.

Best $25 I've ever spent.

Sick guy :(


One step closer to more shelving in our master bathroom!

How have I not had this pizza before? The sauce is insane. Would eat it everyday if I could.

My dudes.

10% off with code "yeartwentynine" thru 1/23/15

Freeze frame.

"Married" Christmas!

Now they will never leave Angie alone. Pupcakes are their weakness.  Ok, all treats.

NYE feast

Which gave me a legitimate reason to buy this.

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