Everyday, Ordinaire

Jan 28, 2015

Spackle is my friend, oh. Master bedroom renovations are afoot!

Deep thoughts

These boots were made for --- HEAVY snow

Flat core(!!). Giant nose.

I see you. 

Snuggling with my gal

Golden Globes + Bubbles

I want Alejandro Gonzalez to read me bedtime stories. That voice... #GoldenGlobes
— Marcia Piper (@MarciaElise) January 12, 2015

Comforter shopping. Who knew a duvet is not the same a comforter? Not I.

High Tea with wonderful women. I happen to be related to both. Does that make me wonderful by association? I'm saying yes.

Determined to up my fitness game (focusing on arms and core). That particular workout smoked me. It was fantastic.

Cauliflower Fried Rice. Or, as Mark calls it, "stuffing". Recipe coming soon.

Tuscan Soup. Recipe soon, its incredible and easy peasy to make!

Christmas gift from Jaleesa. She gets us. Mint Chip -- holy smokes. 

The word "relax" is my trigger word. I just saved your genitals. You're welcome.

Sweets? I'm in.

Breakfast with Ginger.

Why can't all meters tell you this, I'd have far less tickets...

Christmas, straight from the UK. I've been obsessed with these since France and cannot find them in the states.  Thanks Tom + Jess!

Christmas Cracker gift #1

Christmas Cracker gift #2

Night at the Museum at the renovated theater near us. We are putting our movie gift to good use Godmother Pam.

Man, with a dainty glass. 

Happy Birthday Susan!

Working on my fitness. I even busted out that massive heater, it takes your sweat session to a whole new level.  You should try it.  I wouldn't lead you astray. 

Coffee + (outlet) Shopping 

...with a snack.

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