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Jan 16, 2015

Twenty Fourteen was a record year, for many reasons (health wise) -- I got my food allergies semi under control, and ran my first marathon.

Treadmill + TV + Me = major mileage

Granted, every mile logged was not via treadmill, but I logged the most yearly mileage (for me) in 2014!

I also got considerably (gross understatement) burnt out post marathon, and if we are being honest, I'm still slowing getting my mojo back.  If anyone has advice on how to not take  one million breaks on the sides of the treadmill, I'm all ears.

Presently, it has been back to basics with Tracy Anderson to refocus my goals, heater included. While I'm not packing up my Mizunos anytime soon, I plan to focus more on strength training, and less on racing for the time being.

Since we got back home (from Christmas) I've made a concerted effort to make the time and show up for myself. To stop complaining about my (perceived flaws) and work on them.  So far, so good.

If only I could get back into the habit of am workouts, life would be easy peasy. Pray for me, the struggle is real.


Sun 12/28 -- Rest (travel day)
Mon 12/29 -- The Ultimate Yogi yin yoga (60)
Tues 12/30 -- Run (2.5 miles), Tracy Anderson mat (level 10, day #1)
Wed 12/31 -- Run (1.0 mile), TAM mat
Thurs 1/1/15  -- Run (1.0 mile), TAM mat, plank (1m), TAM vabs
Fri 1/2 -- Run (.90 mile), TAM mat
Sat 1/3 -- TAM mat, TAM Dance Cardio, TAM vabs, TAM GOOP Arms
Sun 1/4 -- Run (2.0 miles), TAM mat
Mon 1/5 -- Rest
Tues 1/6 -- TAM 12 min arms, planks (45s x 2), gymnast abs, purely fit challenge (day #1), TAM mat
Wed 1/7 -- Run (1.25 miles), TAM mat, planks (30s x 2)
Thurs 1/8 -- Run (1.0 mile), TAM mat, gymnast abs, purely fit challenge (day #2)
Fri 1/9 -- Run (fartleks 1.0 mile), Purely Fit Challenge day #3, TAM Mat (day #10) 


(re)Realizing fitness is not an "all or nothing", doing a few youtube videos in spare moments in addition to my workouts have left me energized and motivated.  Level 10 of Metamorphosis Abcentric Continuity focused on body weight, utilizing an exercise ball which was tricky to get used to, but truly amped up my workout and left me feeling stronger and challenged. 

In the coming weeks, my goal is to complete level 11 of Abcentric, in addition to cutting the  bs out of my runs. I signed up for training team (I have no races scheduled for 2015 as of yet) again, which should whip me back into running gear -- but it was 20 degrees last Sunday so we all know I didn't attend. 

Here's hoping for some warm(er) weather so I can dig myself out of this running funk.

What have you been up to lately fitness wise?
Are you stuck in a rut too?

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