Wedding: The Week

Jan 29, 2015

My parents (L), Mark's parents (R)
As the days tick by entirely too swiftly post nuptials I cling to each memory and revel in how with the blink of an eye one traveled from "Ms. to Mrs."


The week of was planned out, in dizzying detail and I'm still amazed it went off without a hitch. Or bloodshed.

Our home was home base for the weekend, meeting place for the ceremony, where we'd have cake + champagne post ceremony and the site of post wedding brunch.  

The week went a little bit like this...

Sunday: Finalize to do lists (for the week, by day), wash hair, coffee with Ginger

-- One moment we sit, chatting about minutia, the next, we are crying (happy tears!) about life's next chapter.  

Monday: Clean upstairs

-- One billion thanks to my mom for coming over and HAND SCRUBBING our carpeted stairs.

Tuesday: Clean main floor, pick up Jennifer from the airport, Sams run

-- Work from home (due to the Ferguson verdict), so we were able to grab coffee before we headed to the house and was able to chat whilst working. Made spicy spaghetti for lunch.

-- Order lunch for Saturday and pay for brunch catering.

-- Sam's run: I had a small meltdown amidst the aisles. All items were purchased, and no one was harmed.

Wednesday: Bake for thanksgiving, Thunder Down Under

-- Work from home. Flower delivery from our friends abroad, Tom + Jess. Read attached card, and weep (happy tears!) 

-- Mark bakes pie for Thanksgiving while I head to dinner and my bachelorette party, numero dos.

Thursday: (Thanksgiving) Pick up Eric from airport, sweep + dust main floor, Rex + Debbie arrive

-- Write my vows. Weep. Like a baby. 

-- Made Waffles with Chantilly Cream and Maple Pecans

-- Mark picks up his brother Eric and his family from the airport. I stay home and prepare Cheesy Cauliflower

-- Thanksgiving dinner with my family (Eric and his joined, it was a blast!), then back to our house to meet  up with Mark's parents (and go over Friday plans) before everyone is off to bed.

Friday: Bathe hounds, prep brunch food, mani/pedi, pizza + botanical gardens, prep ceremony bag, Robyn, Jay, Kyle and Jay arrive

-- Mark bathes Hounds

-- Deb, Emily and I wash all the china for brunch (borrowed from family + friends), along with all the stemware and cake servers.

-- Prep house (tidy, light candles, set out chairs) for family dinner later.  Pack bag for ceremony (dog treats, marriage license, $$ for vendors, rings)

-- Meet my mom and Jaleesa for mani-pedi.  Pick up dogs birthday cake on the way home.  Arrive home and all the gals prep food for brunch (chopping fruit + veggies), while the guys help move borrowed tables and chairs that are delivered.

-- Order pizza (I order waaaay too much -- 1/2 from Imos, 1/2 from Fortels). Family arrives and we feast! Make hot cocoa (with marshmallows) and walk over to the Garden Glow. Wonderful times ensue.

--We part, some head home, other to Thurmans for a cocktail.  I say my goodbyes, let the dogs out, get into my pajamas and watch my favorite movie, Only You.

Saturday: Pick up cake, flowers, ice, lunch, hair/makeup, hair cut (him) ceremony,cake,dinner, sashas (dog bday/cake), chill champagne

-- Run, throw on clothes and head out. Deb joins me -- first, we go to get the cake, then ice for champagne, and the flowers.  Go back to the house, unload and arrange flowers.

-- Mark picks up lunch (from Adrianas) and the Keg (for brunch). we all eat together.  

-- Maryann (make up) arrives, so I finally get in the shower (Kate also arrives).  Mark heads out for a haircut.

-- Make up begins, my family arrives and we all get dressed upstairs. Jennifer gets the dogs in their wedding collars. My mom does my hair.

-- First look on our staircase

-- Family heads over to the park before us with the dogs and flowers (two cars, the rest on foot)

-- We hang back for a few photos then walk over to the ceremony together.

-- We're hitched! Photos in the park with everyone, then family heads back to the house to prep for cake and Champagne. 

-- Photos, then we walk back home.

-- Cake, Champagne and toasts. We fellowship for a bit before dinner then caravan to Vin de Set.

-- Dinner in the wine room. Long, decadent and full of laughter. Sit, surrounded by those we love, celebrating our new life. Best day ever.

-- We part, stuffed. Some head home, the rest for drinks at Sashas (pit stop at home for Uggs, my feet!). Cocktails and lore with friends who drove over just to spend time with us. Again, best day ever.

--  Head home( 1a?), tidy house (in my dress) and go to bed.

Sunday: clean, bake ham, set up, pick up park avenue, marriage license

-- 7a alarm sounds.  Wake Mark, shower.

--Put ham in the oven, begin setting out serving dishes.

-- Help arrives -- Emily and I head to pick up the catering while the others clean and prep.

-- Family + friends + co workers begin to arrive. Party ensues. Playlist I've been crafting for weeks doesn't get played.  Pandora for the win.

-- Sign marriage license.

-- Party winds down, our family stays to help us bring the house back to its normal glory. I pass out from exhaustion around 5p, rising for about two hours to eat dinner and revel in the week/weekend.

In case you missed it: month one as newlyweds.

I can't believe we've been married two months...

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  1. You remembered your day with amazing detail!
    Mine goes like this: wake, hair (mimosas - obviously), church, nups, party. Details. What details? :)
    Happy 2 months!!


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