Jan 7, 2015

You know about spreading holiday cheer? Well, we were spreading mayhem and foolishness this Christmas.

Mark's family won the holiday roulette rotation (we had Thanksgiving with my family), so we packed up the car Tuesday night and headed out on the open road, but first -- sedate the hounds.  Yep, Mark insisted we "bring them", and after clearing it with his mother, whom come to find out also said his brother could bring his dog as well. 

Insert horrified emoji, here.

Somehow, not on my watch (obviously), Mark gave Miles (whom had been wicked sick the last week) a double dose, so when I get home Rubin is ready to party while Miles can barely open his eyes. After I finished screaming about how he failed to give one dog one pill each(?!?), called the vet to make sure Miles didn't OD and was ok with all the other meds he was on, gave Rubin her sedative, and finished packing, we were off at 5:17 pm.

The drive is about 3.5-4 hours, totally doable -- if I'm driving. About two hours in, boredom set in -- 

Me: How far away are we? 
Mark: An hour.  
Me: An hour?! You said that an hour ago, I have to pee. 
Mark: Well, we can stop at a gas station.
Me: No, it's cool, I'll get a UTI for Christmas. Our marriage is built on lies. 
Mark: Does anyone take you seriously? 
Me: Everyone except you and my family. 

Thankfully I packed a few snacks for the ride since I was too busy making sure Miles was still breathing to eat a proper meal.  That Luna bar saved Mark from my hanger

About that time, Rex (Mark's dad) called to see if we were bringing the dogs because the neighborhood cat came over, and he didn't think they'd get along. He loves that cat, it's adorable.

We arrived safe, sound, and sans dog vomiting so it was an all around win. 

Till Miles gave the Christmas tree a watering. 

With his urine...

Christmas Eve I got to work prepping Nutella Rolls for Christmas morning breakfast 

And Jacques Torres cookies for Christmas (I found the chocolate on Amazon)

Keeping the misfits in line...

Ordered pizza and watched Christmas movies.

Early morning cookie baking + coffee drinking.

The cookies were a hit! We doubled the recipe and it made so many cookies. 

Christmas at Grandpa Bobs -- he's adorable and just lights up when everyone is around. There was so much food, one aunt made toffee and the other pie(s) with ice cream and whipped cream. Thank goodness I wore leggings. 

The next day we did some not so fun stuff and ran errands while waiting for his brother and his family to come into town.

A friend texted me about this so I had to get some. SO good.

Whole grain pancakes at the Four and Twenty. It is literally the only thing I get there. They are pillows of heaven. With syrup. And butter.

Went to the old covered bridge, my favorite small town feature of all time.

Got the hounds some rawhide to draw their destructive ways away from my in-law's home.

It worked. Clearly.

Made dinner (Deb makes the best home made crescent rolls) and hung out together before we met up with all the boys hometown friends at a local bar

Emily and I had the best conversation for hours, it was really nice to get to know her a bit better.

Snuggles with my favorite tiny person. I worked remotely on Friday and she totally helped draw me pretty pictures on my day planner.

Emily (my sister in-law) put together the teepee we got Cora for Christmas.

That's their horse, Wallace.  He also watered the Christmas tree. And gifts.

Luckily, all the dogs understood Cora was the boss (as evident by this photo), but Rubin was just plain not fond of Wallace. She was pretty mean girl the whole time, she didn't want him playing with her brother or her mama at.all.  It also didn't help the dog shock collar remote somehow made its way to Cora's hands (twice) and she gave Rubin quite the shock.  Poor gal had a rough time, she was so ready to go home.

Happy Holidays, indeed.

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