Class (Passes) + Half (Marathon) Training As Of Late

Feb 24, 2015

A year ago I would clamor at any chance to run a race, and today -- I love running more than I love racing.  

Does that make sense?

Mixed emotions aside, I'm running the GO STL Half Marathon in honor of my friend/co worker (Kelly) who's little guy who was recently diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.  His name is Steven, and he is a total fighter despite all the needles and food modifications. You can learn more about him, on his JDRF fundraising page

I ran this race in 2013 and I'm so so glad there is a new course!  Nothing like new scenery to keep your mind guessing on race day. 

Training week five is coming to a close and so far, so good.  I cut back on mileage (still running four days a week, mileage totaling around 20-25) to keep the injury devil away, and I must say, its refreshing, especially after being utterly burnt out after Detroit

Cross/Strength training has been a priority (which for me, is always difficult to balance both, and XT falls to the wayside) not just for strength, but a super sweaty workout always leaves me feeling fantastic, Hello stress relief.  I've been gobbling up every opportunity to sweat and its been so much fun! Thanks to Class Pass* (have you joined yet, when you do friend me!) I've been trying out new classes (so many!) and old favorites without boredom, plus --

Hotel de Glace

I'm sleeping better and making time for myself.

Cannot rise for life on time, but a 5:30a Shred 415 class, I'll be there, early. 

And, I even worked out on our honeymoon.

  This was before I face planted on the ski slopes, which was an epic embarrassment and thus considered a workout on its own. 

We are renovating our master bedroom (still) so my treadmill power source looked like this for a few days while light fixtures got installed. Fear not, it was unplugged after each use. 

No excuses not to get in a workout, right?

Arns are on my targeted body part list (along with my core)-- shoulders are starting to show some definition. Happy dance!

Which makes my class pass tank look even cooler...

I digress. 

Below are some Class Pass classes I've taken thus far and my thoughts on each (more, here). 

Belly Dancing -- Consuming Kinetics Dance Company: Blaize was super engaging, patient, and she brought veils for us to dance with! Class was so much fun I rushed home and made a little video to show my sister all the cool moves I learned. It's horrifically embarrassing, but if you want to see it I'll  show you...

Hybrid Trx -- Nutriformance: Johnny was no joke.  I had never heard of a ViPr prior to this class, and oh what a wake up call I received. This class kicked my butt in the best way -- a mix of TRX, ViPr and free weights.  The gym has a locker room/shower which is key for my am workouts.  Go try his class (on Fridays), but don't say I didn't warn you -- you are going to love to hate the ViPr. 

The Dailey Method: A close friend swears by TDM and I just got on board. To me, its a mix of Pilates, Tracy Anderson and Ballet a knitted into one class with upbeat tunes and a ballet bare.  Those teeny tiny movements had my muscles screaming for mercy -- and begging for more.  I cannot wait to return.  The staff was uber friendly as if you were family coming by for a visit.  They too have a locker room/shower to make the transition from sweat session to work effortless. 

Surfset -- Dragonfly Fitness: Super small class size equals plenty of attention from Renah the instructor/owner. In the span of a lunch hour my heart rate rose and fell a bazillion times. Great lunchtime workout where you you get just sweaty enough you don't need  a shower but got in a solid workout. The surfboards take focus, just when I'd get excited, I'd lose balance. It kept my mind, body and balance guessing!

Pilates -- Pilates + Yoga Studio: I'd never used a Pilates reformer before, back in the day I did Mari Winsor DVD's in my room.  Same movements, but on the reformer. Holy muscle burn. I could tell it helped lean and lengthen each movement, which felt awesome, plus was a confidence booster considering I'm not flexible by nature. They too have small class sizes, so book early to get a spot!

It goes without saying I'm enjoying these steps outside my comfort zone, and while my training runs may not be anything to write home about, come race day I know I'll be in fighting shape to do Steven proud.

*Class Pass provided me with a one month membership.  All social media posts, opinions, and class selections are my own and have no bearing on said membership.  I sweat where I want.

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  1. Take her up on the belly dancing video. Her horrifically embarrassing is your laughing til it hurts. And it hurts so good.

  2. All the classes!! Dang - they sound pretty awesome.
    Can't wait to hear about the 1/2 training!!


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